Faculty of Science

Dr. Pooja Jagasia: M.Sc., Ph.D.
E-mail: pooja.jagasia@ves.ac.injagasiapooja10@gmail.com
Specialization – Organic Chemistry


Recognised as a teacher of the University for the Ph.D (Science) degree in Chemistry with effect from 2nd May 2013. No.PG/2/ICD/2013-14/46376, Dt. 6th June, 2013.


She is life member of International Society of Science and Technology, since Oct 2010.


Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) ;Dt-17 Oct 2014. Undertaken a Mumbai University sponsored Minor Research Project. Ongoing U.G.C. sponsored Minor Research Project .


Research Project Undertaken:


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Academic Year

Funding Agency


Jagasia, Pooja Spectrophotometric determination of metavanadate using tannic acid as a reagent
[Project No. 98 – Chemistry]
2011-2012 Mumbai University
Rs. 20,000/-
Reference No. : APD/237/349 of 2011,
29th September, 2011


Jagasia, Pooja Spectrophotometric determination of Tannins,Vitamin C and anion using a specific reagent in herbal formulation and in Synthetic mixtures and real samples 2013-2015(ongoing)

Rs. 85000/-
2 Years Sanctioned
April 2013 File No.47-325/12 (WRO) 2013 – April 2015



Jagasia Pooja – Department of Chemistry

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Conference/Seminar Procedings:

Jagasia Pooja – Department of Chemistry

Title Particulars Co-Authors

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solvent Extraction:

Spectrophotometric determination of Lead (II) and sequential Separation using α-oximinoacetoacetanilide benzoyl hydrazone

26th & 27th September, 20

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Congenial practices for a greener and safer world.


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Sensitive spectrophotometric determination of vitamin C in herbal products and plant samples.

International Symposium on New Horizons in Chemistry (ISNHC-2014) organized by VES College, Chembur, Mumbai-400071 from 8-9 December-2014

Campus Sustainability Best Practices

Published a paper at two day National Conference on “Evolving as a Smart College:Concepts Opportunity and Challenges” Organized by IQAC, VES College

Mary Stephen


Author: Jagasia Pooja

Title Publisher Department Co-Authors

Laboratory Handbook for Drugs and Dyes (T. Y. B. Sc. Chemistry)


Manjiri M. Ranade & Anita S.Goswami-giri