Principal Desk

In the context of globalization, Quality and Competition are emerging to the forefront bringing about massive changes in all fields. Education cannot be exception. Education is a process of growth externalization and actualization of human potential and thus central to national development.


Educational research, impact of Quality Management Systems and the impact of emerging knowledge society has lead to dramatic changes in the educational landscape globally leading to development of newer cultures and processes bringing about greater accountability & quality consciousness in the field of education.


Globally there is a change in the definition of good teaching with a thrust on the quality of learning measured in terms of the learning outcomes.


Acceleration of Quality Consciousness in education institutions has been promoted by the accreditation process which has given institutions an opportunity for goal setting, defining action plans for achieving the goals, and further for reflection on the outcomes.


The accreditation process have given scope for reflection on the methods adopted in the teaching learning, fine tuning administrative processes, and in general becoming responsive to the needs of various stakeholders. NAAC through its processes of accreditation is setting the road map for every institution to tread the path for pursuit of excellence.


At V E S College we are driven by the Ideals of our founder member, Late Shri. Hashuji Advani, a visionary who believed in imparting holistic education with emphasis on character building, to create good citizens. We are also inspired by the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand, who emphasized on youth empowerment for nation building. Institutions under the VES umbrella have earned repute for distancing from commercialization of education as well as for inculcating values through discipline.


Besides providing a conducive academic atmosphere, lot of scope for co-curricular and extracurricular activities is provided which has promoted the all round development of students. Further as a learning organization we are responsive to the advances in technology and the evolving benchmarks in the field of education, with special reference to teaching & learning approaches.


However there are limitations in achieving the desired outcomes due to the lack of synergy between the bulky affiliated college systems and the attempts of individual colleges to impart quality education. Initiatives of accreditation though are bringing about some desired changes, the core quality assurance values are difficult to address in light of several adverse factors such as the student numbers, the large student teacher ratio, the insufficiency of teaching time, the design of curriculum with special reference to examination system. These factors dampen the scope for providing diverse learning opportunities to students. Mass education is leading to devaluation of degrees.


Amidst several limitations and managing crises of various types, efforts are on to provide the best of education. It is the need of systemic changes which will provide leverage to bring about qualitative changes in the educational outcomes.


However, given these constraints, we need to accept the challenge, adopt new innovative approaches to provide learning opportunities to our students.


I therefore appeal to the staff and students to collectively work as a team, so that the resultant synergy can help realize our dream of taking the institution to the pinnacle of excellence.


Its my firm belief that with team work and having a shared vision amongst all concerned, we are bound to attain greater heights thus rising to the expectation of all stakeholders, thereby fulfilling the major objective of generating competent human resource for the nation.


Dr. (Mrs.) J.K. Phadnis
Dr. (Mrs.) J.K. Phadnis