Report for the Department of Biotechnology 2016-2017


The department of Biotechnology saw a paradigm shift in syllabus from the Mumbai University. The First year of the under graduate course introduced in the current academic year, is now designed to develop skills in a budding Biotechnologist that would directly cater to the needs of the growing Biotechnology Industry in India. The Department therefore, with the support of the Management and our Principal got down to the execution of a very difficult plan laid down by the University. The department members quickly adapted to this big change and in no time, things fell into place .Despite this big change, the  Department never deterred from its traditional goals and kept up its Best practices and innovative teaching methods. The Department also received a grant from the Star DBT , Govt of India. All these changes had an impact on the visualization, planning and execution of the events this year.

The department has began developing an Animal Tissue culture laboratory which will help the students to understand the unique concepts of this section as they study these only, theoretically. It will greatly benefit the students as they will acquire skills over the other graduates of Biotechnology, which actually is the main goal of The Grant disbursing Body.

The department conducted two Mega events in this academic year

Mega events:

  • The students of F.Y.BSc,S.Y.BSc and T.Y.BSc were involved in the conduct of “Science mela”. The students from higher secondary schools and Junior Colleges nearby were invited to visit all the science departments. It was conducted on 22nd December 2016.The main aim of this event was to promote the Science as a subject. There were stalls which made the school students aware of the career options in various Sciences. Each science department portrayed their skills, techniques and experiments invoked interest in the students. The department of Biotechnology displayed experiments such as Electrophoresis of DNA, Mitosis, density gradient centrifugation, antibiotic sensitivity tests and many more . The star attraction was a stall for the determination of Blood group. Hundreds of students thronged this stall to know their Blood Groups.
  • The department in association with the Microbiology department, organized 7thSajjan Gupta Konark Memorial Award Research poster competition on 18th January 2017.This is a scientific Poster presentation competition which the SKG group of companies conduct every year to search for a viable research optionwhich can be used from the application point of view.About 283 posters from colleges of Mumbai and other states were displayed and Judged by eminent researchers and scientists. The event management, right from the PR rounds, Registration,printing of the Abstract Book, The inaugural ceremony, Hospitality of all the judges , participants , the eminent guests , to the conduct of prize distribution ceremony, was performed by the department in association  with the Microbiology Department.


The Department had two important collaborations this year.

  • Himedia laboratories pvt. Ltd. gave us the technical expertise to set up the proposed Animal tissue Culture Laboratory. In this aspect they helped us train two of our faculty members in their Laboratory set up. They eventually will also help in conducting a workshop for the students in the same field.
  • The Department also conducted a workshop on Molecular biology for the students of T.Y.BSc and F.Y.BSc with Himedia laboratories pvt. Ltd.
  • HBCSE conducted a study on the “Importance of Teaching History of Science in Science Education.”, on the S.Y.BSc students.Our faculty member , Ms. VinayaJategaonkar conducted lectures for these students and attended a workshop at HBSCSE as a part of this study.

Special achievements:

  • Ms Vishakha Mali got the “Shreshthta Award” for achievements in her academic years .This set of awards is organized by VESLARC for students, who have achieved academic excellence despite all odds. She was one among the ten students who received it from various Institutions of VES.
  • She also achieved the “BEST STUDENT AWARD” of the college for the academic year 2016-2017, making us very proud. She is indeed the Star of the department!

Staff achievements:

Ms. Vinaya Jategaonkar

  • Attended a one day workshop,on F.Y.BSc revised Stand alone workshop, at VazeCollege ,Mulund on 16th July 2016.
  • Attended a three day workshop on “The Importance of History of Science in science education”, at HBCSE on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2016.
  • Attended IInd term training program for LLLE, at DVS college of commerce, Koparkhairne on 5th December 2016
  • Attended a Workshop on conduct of Semester VI Practicals and S.Y.BSc syllabus framing on 8th February 2016.
  • Attended a three day workshop on “Basics in Animal tissue culture “at Himedia labs Pvt.Ltd.on 8th, 9th, and 10th February 2016 , funded by the star DBT grant.

Ms.Shmilona Jain

  • Attended a one day workshop on T.Y.BSc revised syllabus , at SIES college , Sion on11th June 2016
  • Attended a four-day workshop on ‘Techniques in Immunology’ at Jai Hind College from 29th June to 2nd July 2016
  • Attended a Workshop on conduct of Semester VI Practicals and S.Y.BSc syllabus framing on 8th February 2016

Ms. GeetanjaliHarale

  • Attended a one day workshop on T.Y.BSc revised syllabus , at SIES college , Sion on11th June 2016
  • Attended a one day workshop,on F.Y.BSc revised Stand alone workshop, at VazeCollege ,Mulund on 16th July 2016.


  • Attended a CUBE one day workshop on 7th August 2016.

Student activities

  • An essay writing competition was held for the students of T.Y.BSc, S.Y.BSc and F.Y.BSc on 1st, 2nd and and 30th of July 2016 respectively.
  • Inauguration of Microbiology and Biotechnology Association took place at VES auditorium on 21st July 2016 .The meritorious students of 2015-2016 were given trophies.Academic toppers of all three years were given Trophies and certificates. The students who won prizes in co-curricular activities in the academic year 2015-16 were given certificates and cash prizes.
  • A Seminar Competition was organized for T.Y.BSc. and S.Y.BSc.Students of Biotechnology. 7 students from T.Y. and 8 students from S.Y. participated,which was held on 10th August 2016 and 12th August 2016.
  • A Debate on “Gandhi’s non-violence was alone responsible for India’s independence” was organized for FY, SY and TY students of Biotechnology. SY students also performed a patriotic group song on the occasion.This was held as a part of Azaadi 70, an initiative from the HRD ministry of India.This was held on 23rd August 2016
  • A Visit to the VES garden for a Botanical Survey was arranged on 29th September 2016 to the VES Flower garden.Ms.GeetanjaliHarale accompanied 25 students of F.Y.BSc to study Plant Diversity of VES garden. The students were given the task of labeling the plants with scientific names.
  • A study Visit to NMIMS Research centrewas arranged on 29th November 2016.

7 students of S.Y.BSc and 6 students of T.Y.BSc attended the open day of NMIMS school of research and Management

  • A poster competition was arranged on 10th January 2016.20 FY , SY and T.Y.BSc students participated in poster making competition based on “Science as a way of Life”
  • Five students from the department completed their Additional Credit Program course and one of them was mentored by the staff member of the department.
  • A movie named “Outbreak” was screened for the Students of Biotechnology and Microbiology on 15.2.17 in the VES auditorium.
  • Five students of F.Y.BSc are a part of CUBE(Collaborative Under-Graduate Biology Education) and are maintaining Model organisms as a part of their research work. They are also attending workshops being conducted by HBCSE
  • Four students of F.Y.BSc and S.Y.BSc have developed an online Journal of biotechnology called “Bioesscence”


Talks attended by students:

Date Name of the Speaker and details ( Designation, Organisation/Institution etc) Topic Department/Place




Dr. Rajvi Mehta  and Dr.Deepak Modi



Talk on “Oppurtunities in Clinical Embryology”


National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health(ICMR), Parel








Talk on “Anti cancer drugs”



K.J Somaiya college










Talk on Genomic DNA extraction




K.J Somaiya college










Dr.Hariharan-Aluminus of Microbiology department, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins university

Dr.Rohan Barteke

Cancer Research Institute


Epigenetics and Cancer


Oral Cancer Awareness


VES College



VES Auditorium




Mr.Rajat Bandopadhyay


Career Guidance in the field of

“Animation and Gaming Media”

About 15 students of TYBSc attended this talk.
2.3.17 Mr.Rohan Gawande Career talk on “MBA in Hospital administration” About 30 students of Biotechnology and microbiology attended this talk
28.2.17 Dr. Radhika Mohan “Sexual Harassment at work place” About 25 students of FYBSc class


Industrial Visits:

  • A visit to Nashik, Vintage winery and Vinsula winery and National Horticulture Research and Development Facilities was arranged on 16th and 17th August 2016.Fifteen students of T.Y.BSc Biotechnology along with Ms. Geetanjali Harale went for two day IV went to Nashik. This industrial visit was aimed to bridge the gap between class room teaching and Industrial/ research environment.
  • A visit to Common Effluent Treatment Plant (Thane-Belapur) Association, MIDC, Thane –Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai ,was arranged on 16th September 2016.Thirty students of SYBSc visited CEPT, to study Sewage treatment and Disposal. It was a three hour visit . Ms. Archana Pote accompanied the students.
  • A visit to Go Cheese plant was arranged for 30 students of TYBSc and SYBSc on 18th February 2017.Ms. Vinaya Jategaonkar and Ms. Geetanjali Harale accompanied the students. This Visit was funded by Star DBT grant.


Parent teacher meeting

  • Was held for the students of TYBSc and SYBSc , on 18th June 2016.
  • FYBSc orientation program was conducted on 7th July 2016, for the students of FYBSc Biotechnology and their Parents. This program was conducted to acquaint the students with new course format of the syllabus and also an introduction of the college and its various facilties.


Workshops organised by the Department:

  • A Workshop on “Molecular Biology “in Collaboration with Himedia laboratories pvt. Ltd.was conducted on 17th September 2016.44 Students of FYBSc and TYBSc attended a one day workshop on “Techniques in Molecular Biology”.It was a Hands on workshop in Collaboration with Himedia, An expert from Himedia taught the Techniques with the help of kits from Himedia.
  • A workshop on “IPR and Patents “was organized by the department on 15th February 2017. About 163 students and teaching staff from nearby colleges participated in the workshop .This workshop was funded by the star DBT grant.The also was an inter departmental activity as the staff and students of Law college, BMS department also attended this workshop.


Research activity:

  • Shmilona Jain, along with ShwetaYadav, JyotiTiwari, RenuChaudhary and Shahana Ansari, presented a poster titled ,Diversity Studies of the different strains of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from human hands, at the 7thSajjan Gupta Konark Memorial AwardResearch poster competition on 18th January 2016.

Alumni activities:

  • On 17th June 2016,ArchanaPote, alumni of batch 2014 and Ms.AnitaKanujia, alumni of batch 2013 guided about 40 students on their experience in Post-graduation. They helped the students in understanding the process of admission to the course details and also the project work which is expected.
  • An alumni meet was held by the college on 20th August 2016, about 7 alumni attended the meet.