Computer Science



Staff Profile:


Mr. Kamlakar Bhopatkar: M.Sc.(Comp. Sci.), SET(Comp.Sci.), Co-ordinator
Area of interest: Programming Technologies


Ms. Madhavi Vaidya: MCA, MPhil Computer Science
Area of Interest: Databases, Operating Systems and Hadoop Architecture



Experts from the field are invited to conduct guest lectures


Subject Introduction:
Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. The Principal areas of study within this course include operating systems, databases systems, programming languages, networks & security, software engineering etc. The course is designed such that the students after graduation can definitely get a good job in industry. But they can also go for post-graduation and contribute in the field of research. In addition to Computer Science, you will also learn subjects like Mathematics, Physics & Foundation Course(as per year). The subjects like –


Computer Science teaches the techniques for developing software,


Mathematics & Physics, develop the ability to think, reason, develop logic & understand how things work,
Foundation Course gives you idea of current affairs, business communication, human rights, environment concerns, constitutional laws, competitive exams, understanding stress etc.


Thus a computer science student always performs well either in industry or in higher education.


Salient Features:


Established in 1999


Committed, Experienced and qualified staff


Well-Equipped Laboratory with internet connectivity and in-house library


Conducts seminars, workshops and/or add-on courses for students and/or faculty members by Industry Professionals


Has a good placement record and conducts Joint Campus Recruitment Programs by companies like IGate, Tech Mahindra, HCL, TCS, Wipro etc for students of computer science, IT, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biotechtech & Microbiology of various colleges


Conducts an intercollegiate festival “VIHAAN” for the students of Comp. Sci, IT, MCA, Engineering etc.
Has a strong & active alumni who visit & provide guidance on career aspects, soft skills and Technology
Provides Guidance for Post Graduate Courses like MCA, NCST, DAC & certification courses like RHCE, Oracle Certifications and Java Certifications


Our efforts have translated into the following Learning Outcomes


We have produced four University Rank holders from 1999 to 2012 at TYBSc Comp Sci


Our students have won Performance awards in companies where they are placed


Projects completed by students are utilized in the administration of the college


Our students have presented research papers in various types of conferences


Students are doing internships/projects in companies


Career ahead: MSc Computer Science/MSc IT/ MCA / MBA/ Job/Any other


Highlights of 2014-2015


Placement Report 2014-2015


Placement Report 2013-2014







BSc Computer Science Syllabus