Nature/Treking Club

Nature Club Activities:

Trekking is a one in a lifetime experience which one must experience once in a life time. Though it looks tiring to climb up to the top of the mountain, but every single breath is worth it when we reach up the mountain and look at the amazing view. The Nature Club of VESASC is the club of teachers, researchers, environmental conservationists and nature lovers. The nature Club organizes adventures trips, trekking event etc. by the students under the guidance of the college teaching staff who are the member of the club. It develops self-confidence, interpersonal skills, skills required to work with a team, ability to manage difficult situation and most important is to learn to appreciate, respect and value nature.

While ascending up to the mountains, we understand how casually we take to everything we have around us! For example, water, It’s trek which made us understand a lot about our mother nature and her Gifts. Trekking and Hiking Club of our College, led by Mr. Vikas Ware who organizes treks for students of our College. Treks are organized 2 times in a year, one in Monsoon as a Monsoon Trek and second in Winters on the occasion of Republic Day as a winter Trek.


Monsoon Trek (2019-20)

Most of the Mountain Ranges of Sahyadri have been trekked during this period. In monsoon trek for 2019-20, Kalsubai (Sahyadri’s top most mountain) has been trekked. While trekking during monsoon, ‘A heaven on Earth’ we all felt that connection with the ranges. Greenery, waterfalls, clouds flowing through us and a beautiful rainbow, is a treat for our eye to watch. This gives every student an opportunity to live up the history of the forts. The glory of the warriors just by feeling the pain and efforts they took for our motherland. It’s an opportunity to get out of our comfort zones, test our limits, get to live under warm caves in breezing cold weather or to set up tents under the starry sky. A great experience one must take to attain a little peace in our blazing lifestyle.


Winter Trek (2019-20)

This trek is organized every year on the occasion of Republic day 26th January. This year trekking club have hoisted National Flag over peaks at Ratangad on the occasion of Republic Day. A true patriotic feeling comes out of every person watching our National Flag Flutter high up in the air. With all pride, “Jai Hind” comes out of our heart and that echoes throughout the mountain ranges. Staying in cave, cooking by yourself, enjoying with friends but with struggle of limited resources made students learn different lessons.