Youth Festival and Intercollegiate Events

Youth Festival Youth festival or Yuva mahotsav is a inter college Cultural competition conducted by the Mumbai university for the colleges affiliated to Mumbai university. It promotes culture among students in fields such as Dance, Theatre, Music, fine arts and Literary events. For convenience, this competition is conducted in nine different zones with elimination rounds and the winners of the Zonal rounds participate in the Final Round.


54th Youth festival University of Mumbai and Inter collegiate competition Report 2020-21

52nd Youth festival Mumbai university and Inter collegiate Cultural Report 19-20

51st youth festival mumbai university and Inter-collegiate Cultural report 2018-19

50th youth festival and intercollegiate cultural report 2017-18.

49th Youth Festival of Mumbai University

48th Youth Festival of Mumbai University

47th Youth Festival of Mumbai University

46th Youth Festival of Mumbai University

45th Youth Festival of Mumbai University “Yuva Mohotsav” 2012 for Zone II was held on 13th August 2012 at VES College, Chembur.


Youth Festival and Intercollegiate Cultural Committee:
1. Dr. Heena Ganatra (Convener)
2. Mr. Kunalkumar Shelar (Co-Convener)
3. Dr. Minal Parab
4. Ms. Riddhi Gada
5. Ms. Vinaya Jategaonkar
6. Ms. Geetanjali Harale
7. Ms. Ekta Singh
8. Ms. Avani Pandya