Student Support Activities

Career Guidance Cell : (In-Charge Sachin Bhandarkar )

The cell holds weekly session on Career Guidance to help students choose the career that suits them most.

Career Guidance Cell has been involved in guiding the students for their careers since the year 1998.

The existence of CGC can be justified on the following grounds: –

  • Some of the students are not well informed of the various career alternatives and scope of higher studies in their respective streams. So the CGC is resourceful in orienting these students on various career avenues.
  • Many of the students also have special traits where certain specific careers could be suitable for them. Interactions with students both in the class and informally at various platforms by CGC can help it to identify their positive traits and make students realize these.
  • Quite a few students are unsure of the kind of skills that are required to successfully achieve the career of their choice. Development of appropriate skills and career planning is of vital importance to any successful career. The Cell is able to suggest soft skill training to students and at times even fetch resource people to the campus for small orientations and workshops.

Some of the programs initiated by CGC were like ‘Orientation Meeting for various competitive examinations, then organized sessions on ‘Importance of Preparing Files for Career Progress’, techniques for ‘Learning and Retention of Memory’, methods in ‘Enriching One’s Vocabulary’ etc. We are very glad that through the Principal we have been facilitated a small share cabin on the third floor alongwith a locker for our activities. Some of our achievements:

  • Over 600 students counseled over the entire year.
  • Starting of the ENTREPRENEURSHIP CELL with an enrolment of 3 students.
  • Conduct of Mock Tests, Interviews and Group Discussions by the Cell from time to time.
  • Having a good response for the Personal Portfolio Management by the students.
  • A group of dedicated students preparing for Civil Services Examination.
  • Personal Counseling Cell :
    The Counseling Cell caters to the emotional and psychological problems of students.It has been started so that students can excel and actualize their potential and learn to deal with their psychological blocks and problems effectively.To meet this end the Counseling Cell offers both one to one personal counseling as well as group developmental sessions.Presently it operates 2-3 times a week on appointment. .
  • Grievance Redressal Cell
    A committee for redressal of grievances has been constituted to address the grievances of staff and students at the college level. Forms are available for students in the Library & for staff in the Office.
Members of Grievance Redressal Cell:
  • Suggestion Scheme :-“A participatory tool for organisation excellence”
    A suggestion box for students has been installed in the Library for receiving suggestions for improvement of college on all fronts — academics, (Curricular & co-curricular) administrative and other matters. For parents and visitors, the suggestion box is installed outside the office on the ground floor. They can also provide solutions for improvement.Forms are available for students in the Library.


WDC Reports


  • Library Book Bank – The College has 2 Book Banks namely the College Book Bank (for all Arts, Science & Commerce) & Hingorani Book Bank. (commerce & Microbiology section.) Book Bank facility is given to needy students based on the income of their parents.
  • Departmental Book Banks 
    • Departmental Book Banks : Some of the departments have collection of books which are kept for the use by students and staff members. They are called Departmental Book Banks./ Departmental Libraries
    • Microbiology Book Bank : The Microbiology Department provides a Book Bank facility to its students, in addition to the college library facilities. The Departmental book bank was started in the year 1995, considering the needs of students. It started with approximately 50 books and has grown almost five fold since then. The book bank has books of both national and international publications covering subjects like General Microbiology, Biochemistry, Industrial Microbiology, Genetics, Immunology, Medical Microbiology Biotechnology and Bio-Statistics. To avail of this facility, students are required to pay a nominal reading charge once in a year. They are allowed to issue two books at a time for a period of one week.
    • Chemistry book Bank : The chemistry department also maintains a book bank. The collection is developed by donations of books by teachers. No charges are collected from the students. One teaching staff member and one attendant is given the responsibility of the book bank every year.
  • Adoption Scheme by VES –
    Financial support is available to needy students to enable them to pursue their education.
  • Bridge and Remedial Courses:
    For the students who are weak in the subject, REMEDIAL AND BRIDGE lectures are arranged by the respective departments regularly. For the students coming from vernacular medium Remedial lectures in English language are arranged. For the advanced learners intensive coaching is given. Such students are encouraged to take up projects like field visits, book review and seminar presentations. Our students have presented papers in the student section of International Conference. Many have continued their further research on the basis of topics they studied for presenting seminars.