VALUE LAB (2017-2018)

The very purpose and main function of education is the development of an all round and well-balanced personality of the students, and also to develop all dimensions of the human intellect so that our children can help make our nation more cohesive, socially responsible, culturally rich and intellectually competitive nation.


Educational institutions play a significant role in the promotion of values.  With the belief that it is our duty to contribute to the betterment of our society has lead to the starting of Value Lab in VES College of Arts, Science &Commerce from this academic year. Value education is rooted in Indian philosophy and culture and ingrained in every tradition of Indian culture. As Swami Vivekananda has said‘We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet’.


Aims and Objectives of Value Education:


Value Education helps in Promoting Social and Natural Integration. Value lab is a space created for understanding and enhancing values. Many students have volunteered to get involved in this activity. Students were encouraged to write quotes on ‘Values assigned for every month’ every day in their respective classes and also to prepare charts on ‘Values offered for different months’, which were displayed on the notice board outside classroom. The values offered were as follows.


Month   Value
July Self Esteem
 August   Patriotism
 September Respect
December and January Gratitude
February    Gender respect
  March Honesty


Action of plan:


The value lab team ,  with  the support of  all teachers and class coordinators initiated the different activities  for smooth functioning of the lab.


JULY: The value for July was Self Esteem. Self-esteem is an integral part of personal happiness and achievement. In this month Self Esteem questionnaire was administered to students on I July 2017 followed by a workshop on 8th July 2017. Interested students registered their name with class coordinators before 29th June 2017. Teachers also encouraged students to write quotes on self esteem every day in their respective classes and also to prepare a chart on self esteem to be put up in the notice board outside classroom. Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale . It is a 10-item scale that measures global self-worth by measuring both positive and negative feelings about the self (Rosenberg, 1965). To ensure participants’ participation who are comfortable with hindi the standardized hindi version of the self esteem questionnaire by Dr. Shobhna Joshi,Professor, Dept. of Psychology, BHU, Varanasi was also administered with permission of the author.


AUGUST : The EVS and Commerce Department of the college Organised ‘Yad Karo Kurbani’ on 23/08/2017 between 3.30-4.30 pm to salute the Martrys of Independence.12 students from A, B AND C Div of F.Y.B.Com. participated in the event which included Speechs, group song and recitation for poems.


JANURAY: On the occasion of celebration of swami Vivekananda Jayanti , also celebrated as National youth day Value lab in collaboration with students council members organized a poster making competition on the values Patriotism and Gratitude on 12th January, 2018. Total 24 posters were displayed and 27 students participated in the competition.. Also variety of quotes on ‘thoughts of swami Vivekananda’were written on the boards across the college with the help of value lab team members.


FEBRUARY:The chemistry department of the college encouraged students of S.Y.B.Sc. to present their views for the value of the Month Gender Respect. One of the S.Y.B.Sc. student Ravi Bohra gave a talk on gender respect on 15/02/2018 to our TYBSc Students.


Ram Krishna Mission had conducted a session at Vivekananda College of Arts, Science and Commerce on the 26th March , 2018. The foundation’s seminar was attended by a crowd of around 150 students at the campus auditorium with students from the varied departments of VES College.
The program was based on screening of the movie on the life and works of sister Nivedita followed by a quiz. The modus operandi of the session was a huge success among the students as it was designed in an interactive manner making sure that all the students participate in the session . This not only resulted in an active response from the students but also helped them learn about Swami Vivekananda’s values , vision and Sister Nivedita’s qualities. The program gave an opportunity to bring forth to the students the significance of selfless work, passion and dedication of sister Nivedita for the development and progress of our country. Her contributions towards women empowerment, promotion of education, science and technology, and arousing community awareness which was depicted through the documentary, led to an overwhelming feeling, instilling values amongst the audience. The program not only resulted in an active response from the students but also helped them learn about Swami Vivekananda’s values, vision and Sister Nivedita’s qualitiesA seminar on the woman who “gave her all for India”, was an epitome of the dedication that still helps us evolve as a society, was a motivation for all the students. Swami Mukteshanandji, involved in the thought provoking interactions with students in the course of responding to the quiz questions.


MARCH:The posters for the value honesty were prepared by two of our college students,Damini singh(T.Y.B.COM) and Priyanka pal (F.Y.B.Sc).They made three posters and wrote articles on the value of the month ,honesty to spread awareness in college on 16 th March 2018 with the help of all class representatives.