Case Research and Development Center

Case Research and Development Center

Case based teaching is the need of business schools across globe. Lecture method and traditional approaches have limited scope and perhaps no longer needed in management education. Lots of business schools have already started case based pedagogy and they have successfully positioned in management education. Indian business schools are not behind in following the case based teaching. Some of business-schools have stepped in long before; some are following whereas there are others who are still behind to follow case based teaching. Case based pedagogy is an essential ingredient that positions business school in different league.


Case teaching in Indian business schools is overly dependent on western cases in other contexts. Business schools in India often buy Harvard Business Cases or IVEY Richard Cases. Some schools have made mutual agreement to teach their cases. Such cases are often packaged with teaching notes. Faculty or business schools who buy cases also need to buy teaching notes. The whole exercise questions the basic essence of case study where solutions should be based on consensus.


Keeping these points into account, VESIM has initiated to start case research and development centre. The purpose of this centre is to develop, practice, publish and offer our cases to other business schools. We develop Indian cases using our intellectual resources and capability with rigour and passion. We use in-house developed cases for our management students and make them better employable and successful managers. Our cases include current managerial challenges, organisational dynamics, business situation, management practices and workplace perception that are generally unique to our business context. Our cases have potential to equip business management students to better address the workplace situation and decision making keeping in views challenges and organisational constraints.


Our cases have perfect blend of theory and practices. Cases have been developed keeping in view students capability and organisational needs. They have been written in lucid language with well defined issues and relevant information. This helps students to quickly assimilate issues and engage into healthy discussion to explore possible solutions to the problems. This enables students to refine their theoretical concepts while discussing the case in the classes. The centre is committed to organise case writing competition and case writing workshop from time to time.


We invite cases from faculty, scholars, practitioners and management to publish their cases in our case folio. This provides opportunity to pull in royalty on mutual agreed terms. Business schools interested to use our cases can read abstract on our websites and based on its relevance they can buy it for their usage. We provide subject wise and customised cases based on disciplines and industries. We are flexible and receptive to invite suggestions, comments and critics in order to make our cases best suited to our students and business contexts.



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