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Frequently asked questions (PGDM)

What is the genesis of VES Institute of Management?

Late Shri Hashu Advani, a visionary, chose education field to build a strong nation. He felt that educated youth, with high moral values only, can contribute in building a strong nation. This thinking led to the formation of Vivekanand Education Society (VES) in the year 1962. Today the society runs 22 educational Institutions offering courses from Pre-primary to Ph.D. Since two decades, VESIM has been quietly contributing to the growth of Indian Corporate World by providing professionals for industry requirements.


How is VESIM rated by various agencies?

  • Ranked 19th by Business Barons
  • ‘A’ Grade awarded by Chronicle
  • Certificate of Excellence by Chronicle
  • Ranked in Top 100 B-School in India by Dalal Street Journal
  • ‘A’ Grade awarded by Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Recognized by University of Mumbai
  • Approved by AICTE’


Which are the Industries / Institutes with collaboration in VESIM?

VESIM has done collaboration with Industries to give real time knowledge about the corporate world.

  1. Collaboration with “SAS”
  2. Collaboration with “SS & C GlobeOp”
  3. Collaboration with “HDFC”
  4. Collaboration with “NISM”
  5. Collaboration with “PMI – Mumbai Chapter”


What are the salient features that identify VESIM?

  • The Institute offers bouquet of electives to choose across all domains.
  • Students are encouraged to learn Ethical Management as a part of their curriculum.
  • The Institute facilitates various sports and socio-cultural events that are planned, organized and executed by the students and provides great learning experience. There are 16 student driven communities which give an edge to convert the bookish knowledge into real time practice.
  • The 3 weeks community based program to sensitize towards the social problems
  • E-Cell (Entrepreneurship) is facilitated to create employment opportunities in abundance.


What is the faculty base of the Institute?

A core faculty base of 31, over 25 visiting faculty and 125 guest speakers with versatile corporate experience. The core faculty is a rich mix of academicians and professors who have a sound corporate experience. The faculty student ratio is 1:15.


What are the infrastructural facilities available for students?

Our lives are defined by opportunities that come our way. Recognizing this fact, VESIM offers an incredible amount of opportunities for the students to motivate them to move their life towards their aspired directions.

SAS Analytics Studio: A studio of a kind to envisage and tap the analytical potential & boundaries. Serving cave for a lucrative Business Analytics course. Analytics is a training ground for the sampling to be yielded and churned out for real time Analytics.

Computer Lab: – Fully understanding the need for speedy & sophisticated technology, VESIM has a well-equipped computer lab with the latest software, hardware and 24 hr. broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Library: – Encouraging both syllabus-based & motivational reading, the VESIM library encompasses a large collection of books and journals along with a repository of past summer & final projects. The library also hosts a treasure-trove of works on Vedanta & philosophy.

Auditorium: – Providing the right ambience and platform for students to hold seminars, workshops and conferences with online visual facility, the Institute has a state-of-the-art auditorium with a seating capacity of nearly 200 persons.

Meditation Centre: – From practicing the ancient science of yoga or meditation or attending seminars on welfare of mind and body, the Vedanta room is an adobe of peace and joy.

Research Centre: – At VESIM we have a vibrant research center dedicated to academic and industry research, the cell is heated by eminent luminaries of the college.

Conference room – Faculty Development programs are held for faculties to bestow Industry Guidance for overall development.

Medical room – To provide immediate help in case of any medical emergency, VESIM has established a medical room for providing first aid assistance.

Banquet Hall – A great space designed to enhance the engagement of corporate and students during Events for Food & Beverage breaks.

Cafeteria – Prioritizing health and hygiene issues for students, the canteen serves a variety of dishes while taking in account the quality and taste of food.

Sports room: Sports room comprises of all the recreational facilities with indoor & outdoor games to enhance the overall personality which was truly visible during VESIM FIFA competition.


What is the VESIM-Business School offering in PGDM Course?

At VESIM, we have realized the potential for Big Data and Big Data Technologies, and have established Centre for Big Data/Business Analytics. Students are trained on the latest technologies of Data Analytics such as the SAS platform, Hadoop, R programming, and Python. The students are trained to go beyond the numbers and generate innovative ideas that may be hidden within the data with a core super specialization from day 1:-

  1. Business Analytics
  2. Banking & Finance along with Financial Analytics
  3. Marketing along with Marketing Analytics


Why PGDM Course in VESIM is different from other Institutes?

VESIM’s PGDM course is a trimester based course which starts the core specialization from day 1 unlike any other Management Courses. Thus providing in depth knowledge across all domains.

  • PGDM program delivers core specialization in collaboration with SAS (India). SAS is a leader in software for Business Analytics used by majority of the fortune 500 organizations, leading banks, government organizations, political organizations, NGOs for data analysis and decision making.
  • Senior Industry professionals in the Board of Studies guide the program and keep it up to date.
  • Rigorous teaching methodology through Trimester system using teaching pedagogy like cases, projects, Computer based learning, group discussions, lectures, seminars, Guest speakers from industry and government etc.
  • Subject Matter Experts take up Visiting Faculty assignments to augment highly motivated core faculties.
  • The course provides 2 internships – Yuva for Seva, a unique community service Project of 3 weeks and Management Internship Project of 20 weeks
  • Students undergo live projects in every subject.
  • Program inculcates the concept of Super-Specialization like an Honors degree wherein students undergo in-depth study in one of the three their chosen specialization of Business Analytics, Banking & Finance or Marketing.
  • Fully equipped Analytics Laboratory
  • Forum for Business Analytics to share ideas in the field
  • Department of Innovation & Research to bring out something new in their field


What kind of Summer Internships do students get?

The summer internship is intended to be an intensive learning experience for the student. It gives the student an opportunity to assimilate his theoretical understanding of the general principles of management with a practical experience on the company shop floor. Companies usually define the scope of the project based on their current requirements. Typically, the project has a quantifiable outcome that can be measured in the end. Student internships are generally defined for a period of 8 weeks during the months of May and June, when students break from their academic program.


What is the teaching style for professors at VESIM?
VESIM faculty employ a variety of teaching methods, including lecture, case study, team projects, writings, problem sets, presentations, company visits, Alumni & Industry experts guidance, and guest speakers along with other theoretical and applied teaching methods. The teaching method used in a class is the choice of the individual professor and is chosen to best facilitate learning for that subject matter.


Do these programs have any approval?
PGDM programs are AICTE approved. Additionally “A” grade awarded by DTE, Govt. of Maharashtra.


What is the duration of the PGDM Course?

PGDM is a two year full time Course.


How many seats are available in the PGDM program?
Overall 60 seats are available for PGDM program at VESIM-Business School


Which tests does the PGDM Program accept?
The PGDM Program accepts CAT / XAT / MH-CET / MAT / CMAT / GMAT / ATMA as part of the application process.


What is the eligibility criteria for PGDM course?
Bachelor’s Degree from any AIU recognized University with minimum 50% marks aggregate. Final year students may also apply. VESIM accepts the CAT / XAT / MH-CET / MAT / CMAT / GMAT / ATMA.


What is the Selection Process of VESIM for PGDM?
Overall Academic performance 2) Management Entrance Test 3) Group Discussion – Personal Interview. All the 3 scores will be aggregated for the qualification of candidates. Suitable weightage will be given to work experience.


I am currently in my Final Year of my Graduation. Am I eligible to apply to the PGDM program?
You are eligible to apply to the PGDM program and should have successfully graduated before the date mentioned by DTE.


How can I apply?
The candidate can apply Online/Offline.


What is the application form fee?
Students can choose to apply Online/Offline. The online procedure has to be done by paying the application form fees as Rs. 1200 by any of these: – Debit Card/Credit Card/Net banking. The Offline procedure can be opted by creating Demand Draft / Cheque in the name of “VESIMSR” or pay by cash in any of the Branches of ICICI Bank.


Once the application form is filled on-line, does it mean that the online procedure is complete?
You must check the information filled up in the online form before submitting it. You must ensure you have the required documents and submit it to the Admissions Office by post/courier.


In case of online procedure how do I send in my academic transcripts/mark sheets/demand draft, other documents and photographs required as part of the application?
It has to be sent to the Admissions office address by post/courier. The application number should be mentioned on the face of the envelope. Your application status will be termed as ‘Pending’ till we receive the appropriate documents. On receipt of the documents the status will change to ‘Complete’ which you can check in your online account.


Is a Laptop mandatory?

Candidate must have laptop for PGDM Course. If they wish to buy Laptop from Institute, the cost is Rs. 40,000/- or they can purchase on their own. If the Student does not own a laptop then they can get a configured laptop with SW – Windows 8.1 Professional 64 Bit / Core i3 / Ram – 8GB / HDD – 1 TB as minimum configuration.


Does the reputation/history or my undergraduate institution or company affect my chances of being accepted?
Our goal is to admit a class that offers a variety of perspectives. Therefore, we carefully consider individuals from a wide spectrum of academic and work experiences.


Applications – Work Experience:

What is the desired length of work experience you wish to see in candidates?
VESIM-PGDM programs do not require a minimum number of years’ work experience prior to entering the program, and it is important for you to assess your own readiness when deciding to apply. Successful candidates have the ability to demonstrate strength in our criteria regardless of the number of years of their work experience.


Are there specific types of work experience that will make me a more attractive candidate?
Applicants should focus on their roles, responsibilities, and what they have learned from the types of work experiences that they have been involved in. The Central Admissions Team will look at the nature of the applicant’s work experience when evaluating the applicants’ ability to handle the academic rigor of our PGDM program.


Application – Interview:

When should I expect an invitation for a final selection interview?
Interview invitations are extended on a rolling basis throughout the course of each application round. The timing of your interview does not imply anything about the status of your application nor does it impact your candidacy. Invitations to interview may be extended up until the notification date and are a positive indicator no matter when you receive them.


How much time would I need to invest for the final selection round?
Your final selection round will keep you engaged for not more than 3 hours.


Application Follow-up:

When and how can I expect to hear back from VESIM-Business School?
Notifications about the final selection rounds, dates of joining will be communicated to you via email & message on mobile number.


Test Scores:

Is there a minimum test score required to apply?
We accept applicants with a wide range of test scores.


Can I list only my best test score?
Yes. We review the test score mentioned in your application. But you can mention all the scores for reference.


Financing your PGDM:

What is the estimated cost for one year PGDM at VESIM-Business School?

Please refer to the detailed fee schedule admission page on the website.


What are some options for financing my PGDM education?
VESIM is committed in making the PGDM Program accessible to all students. As all our PGDM programs are AICTE approved, securing bank loans to finance the program is easy. Bank Loan can be availed through SBI, Canara, HDFC, CBI etc can be taken after the offer letter is provided by VESIM.


Student Life:

What are the hostel facilities?
VESIM B-School campus has in-built hostel facility for both boys & girls.


Career Services:

What about graduate employment opportunities?

Whether your goal is career enhancement or to move into a different career, the VESIM-Placement team will be there to provide you with the opportunity, tools and counseling to better understand yourself, your career aspirations and that which you will excel at. This will facilitate your job search. VESIM Provides you with best course for career enhancement.

At VESIM, Career Services is integrated into overall PGDM program, exposing you to workshops which focus on topics such as: –

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. CV and the writing of a cover letter
  3. Career Strategies
  4. Competency based mock interviews
  5. Time management
  6. Salary Negotiation
  7. Personalized Coaching
  8. Networking

The VESIM Placement team, the alumni and the faculty are a networking resource to assist you in gathering the necessary information to develop you career focus.


Will the PGDM program guarantee me a job after graduation?
You are responsible for securing your employment; however, the PGDM Program will provide many resources to build your employability. A dedicated Placement Cell will help you navigate your job search, and will introduce you to a wide network of recruiting partners. The Placement record for the academic year 2014-15 was 92%, wherein 8 % students are either building entrepreneurs or working with family business.


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