Management Development Program

VES Institute of Management Studies and Research offers Management Development Programs in all the functional areas of Management that includes Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Business Analytics and General Management. We offer MDPs to the organizations, businesses and other institutions in both the form- customized and open. The program is designed for line to mid managers across functions and organizations.


Our human capital has blend of industry insights and academic rigor. They are competent in providing the cutting edge knowledge, practical approaches and insightful experiences. The Institute is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and well-designed management development rooms.


Our management development program has primarily four major components- experiential learning, tangible cases, exercise & role plays and theoretical insights. These components capture the very essentials of each program. Experiential learning is absolutely significant to understand the managerial context and contingency. It provides the most recent situations and challenges faced by organizations and especially managers. It helps to see the challenges and issues in holistic way. It explores the innovative approach to deal managerial challenges. It helps us to design forward-looking and proactive approaches to make our management development program unique and practical.


We provide real cases from various industries and disciplines. These cases stimulate various intellectual debate based on various perspectives. Cases, exercises and role plays are the stimulating and energizing approaches that sensitize decision makers to evaluate right and wrong decisions. It helps to know about their capabilities, practices and areas that need attention.


Our program includes the latest research in the related areas and how managers could succeed in the situations. This helps managers to see the bigger picture of the organization and their capabilities.


Our pedagogical approach is core to each program. It essentially includes participative approach. Our management development program is pragmatic in nature. We have developed our program keeping in views the latest trends, context, culture and organizational needs. Our program is forward looking, forward thinking and innovative. We are also open to have corporate tie-ups with you on agreed norms. We are open to design customized programs that suits your need.


We sincerely invite you to join the program to ensure turnaround success personally and professionally.

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