VES has a proud history of excellence in education. VESIM is looking for a small group of exceptionally good applicants to join our PhD program. By limiting enrolment, the PhD Program allows for a high degree of interaction between students and faculty, unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, and development of a strong network of social and professional relationships with scholars and industry experts.



The Ph.D. Program is designed to prepare individuals for academic and research careers by providing:

  • In-depth education in current and emerging areas
  • Development of skills in rigorous and practical research methodology
  • Supervision and guidance for completion of a research


Ph.D. is offered Management Studies with specializations in area of Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, and Strategic Management. Each candidate entering the Ph.D. program undertakes a rigorous course work on research methodology for the period of six months. The whole program is organized around preparing students for success in this research activity.


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