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Sumedh Rewatkar

(Batch 2014 – 2016)
Sales Officer
JK Tyre and Industries Ltd



I feel VESIM offered me the best opportunity for development of my skills inmarketing and business analytics.

I have found that the method of teaching is different from the one I am used to.Most of the courses have hands on aspect with more focus on practicallearning. I had opportunities to utilize the upgraded Analytics facilities in thecollege, as well as privilege to attend several interaction sessions with BigData and marketing experts. I believe these preparations have helped mesettle in the current job. The summer placement program was another majorturning point of my life, as it prepared me for the challenges of the real jobenvironment. The social immersion program have inspired me taking socialissues seriously.

VESIM is one of the few study institutions that ensures that the student isinching towards his brilliant career, as well as developing into a brilliant socialindividual.