VESIM is one of the pioneer Business School to set up Behavioral Assessment Centre among Business Schools in India. VEBAC prepares people to enhance their required competencies along with knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes. The idea to initiate this wonderful concept is the outcome of its cultural philosophy to make people socially responsible. We offer various psychometrics tools to stimulate various aspects of the workenvironment.
We assess behaviors of people across functions, hierarchy and organizations. It is absolutely indispensable to achieve breakthrough success at workplace. We have certified trainers to conduct psychometric exercises and offer you solutions to effectively manage your environment, people and promising performance. Psychometric exercises create self-awareness that enables you to develop high self-confidence. It helps to create leadership skills, adaptability to different situations, ability to find solutions to complex problems and develop positive attitudes towards organizations,management and stakeholders.
Objective of VEBAC

  • To assess personality types of individual or team to create self-awareness
  • To assess potential strength of individual or team to building high self-confidence and commitment
  • To explore various scope to succeed in career
  • The Center also organizes programs inviting leading experts in the field of psychometric testing to share their wealth of knowledge

Offerings of various psychometric test by VEBAC

  • Talent Identification
  • Performance and Promotions
  • Learning andDevelopment

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