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VESIM – Coverage on International Conference on Creative Entrepreneurship

VESIM committed to fostering entrepreneurship through pooling of innovative ideas

Mumbai: Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management (VESIM) aims at creating a common discussion platform for initiating policy dialogues and dwelling on various facets of entrepreneurship like macro-economic aspects of entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship and innovative initiatives to create a favorable entrepreneurial climate in the country which in turn would lend credence to and strengthen indigenous initiatives like the Government of India’s Make in India Week (February 13-18) focused on showcasing the design, innovation and sustainability across India’s manufacturing sector in the coming decade. Eminent personalities like Dr Satish Modh, Director-VESIM, Mr M.K.Bhoi, Principal Advisor, Monetary Policy Department- RBI, Mr Chandrakant Salunkhe, Founder President- Small & Medium Business Development and Mr K.C.Shashidhar, Exchange Control Officer-RBI & Ex.Chief General Manager-NABARD will exchange their thoughts and ideas on how domestic entrepreneurial talent can be identified and harnessed with specific emphasis on marketing, global business, economics & sustainability, banking, finance and social sciences.
VESIM’s idea to create a common discussion forum stems from the need to analyze and create expert-based solutions for creating an entrepreneurial asset base which would accentuate the wealth-creating capacity of the economy and open newer vistas of employment for people. In order to facilitate the process, it is imperative that the individuals who will lead future entrepreneurial initiatives are highly trained, suitably motivated and adequately compensated. The first step to entrepreneurship should start from the school levels wherein curriculum modules dwelling on various aspects of the discipline are inculcated. High-end technical and management institutions should place an emphasis on encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit among their student cadres through dedicated study tools and expert-helmed sessions. In order to accelerate the creation of a credible entrepreneurial talent pool, the government needs to expend resources on innovation and enhancing of research capabilities. Concerted investment initiatives by the private sector and government are necessary to create new-age business ventures with an emphasis on modern management techniques and improved technological expertise.
Not solely depending on the government, the private sector should take the initiative and be encouraged to incubate start-up entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurs whose businesses are in a fledgling state should be provided access to easy funding avenues with flexible repayment options. India will become an economic force to reckon with as advanced technological inputs result in creation of new products and services. This, in turn, will not only enhance the per capita wealth of investors increasing liquidity in the economy but also add to the revenues of the government, helping it to allocate funds towards diverse economic sectors and improving the country’s social infrastructure.
Future of the nation is young and to take the economy of the country to the next level we have to create the environment for entrepreneurs to blossom. We at VESIM have felt the aspirations of our students who are very keen to take up something of their own. As an accredited Management Institute it is our responsibility to stay committed to deliver the best learning practices and to help create this favorable entrepreneurial environment. VESIM has taken a positive step forward in initiating a dialogue among various stake holders to create a favorable entrepreneurial investment climate in the country through the creation of this discussion platform.

VESIM’S Intenational Conference in HT Media.