L&T Technical Lecture Series And Competition

Program Co-ordinator: Mrs. Nilima Warke, Instrumentation Dept.


lt-1-300x210Program Incharges:

1) Mrs. Jayashree Hajgude. INFT

2) Mrs. Rohini Temkar, MCA

3) Mrs. Anjali Yeole, CMPN

4) Mrs. Jayamala Adsul, ETRX

5) Mrs. Vidya Zope, CMPN

6) Mrs. Manisha Joshi, EXTC



Third year Electronics/ Instrumentation /Electronics & Communication/

Computer/Information Technology/ MCA students


Prepared by: Mrs. Nilima Warke

The L&T Day cum Technical Lecture Series (TLS), organized by L&T was held at V.E.S. Institute of Technology, Chembur during 13th to 14th Oct, 2014. TLS program is aimed to bridge industry- Academia gaps and build L&T brand in engineering colleges with focus on “Trends in Automation/IT”.



TLS program comprised of lecture series with quiz and competition for students. L&T has awarded several R&D projects to V. E. S. I. T for which bilateral non-disclosure agreement was signed in presence of honorable Shri Ram Keswani (V. E. S. I. T.) and Shri R. N. Mukhija (L&T) During the lecture series, eminent figures of L&T introduced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Enterprise Mobility owing to the omnipresence status of smartphones and the ever increasing bandwidth, Big Data and the concept of cloud storage with billions of zetta bytes being transferred and received on a daily basis, Control System in Automation of Cross Country Pipelines and power plants.


12 teams had actively participated in the competition theme on GUI for Mobile Apps on “Intelligent Building”. The team of Sarthak, Namrata, Rohit, Rebecca and Sai had bagged the first prize whereas the team of Ritesh, Pawan, Sushmita, Mamta and Kajal had turned out to be the first runner ups.