Praxis – Tech Fest

praxis-213x300Praxis, the inter collegiate technical festival of VESIT was successfully conducted on 7th & 8th August 2014. Praxis ’14 was the 12th edition of Praxis. Total 1613 Students registered & more than 17 colleges Participated.


Following programs were organized during the event:


Electronic: Live wire and Circuit Work It: Students were given a set of components and they had to come up with some basic circuit ideas which could be implemented.


C programming: C link: This was a C programming based event where the participants had to write C programs.


Web based events: Cross Connect, Weave the web: A team of participants were given a theme and they had to develop a website for it.


Mumbai treasure hunt: This event was conducted on 3rd August 2014. As part of this event, each team had to go around Mumbai, scouring for different clues within a limited time span. This was one of the most eagerly anticipated outdoor events.


Crystal Maze: An in-house event, in which a set of tasks have to performed in groups. This event is undoubtedly the MOST PARTICIPATED EVENT.


Mechanical: Bridge the Gap: This is a balancing game related to concept of garvity.

Football: FIFA events:


Racing: counter strike, NFS Road Rash


Robotics: Street Soccer, Robo Race, Rumble War, L3, Touch me not, Aqua Bot: these are all robotic events . The finals of robotics is on the last day of Praxis


Aesthetics: The Aesthetic team decorates the entire college with posters, models and mega model as per the theme


Egg drop: This event is the most innovative and a center of attraction of Praxis. In this the team makes a container and egg is dropped in it. The height of the egg drop is increased and the team has to engineer their container such that the egg should not break


Dalal street: This event is based on the dynamics of share market. The software for this event is also made by our college students. This is one of the most popular events in Praxis.


Magazine: Praxis magazine was a memoir of all the committees listing all the major sponsors. Chief sponsor, Accenture left no stones unturned in providing their irreplaceable and generous support.