Exclusive Scholar Program

Staff In-charge: Mrs.Anjali Yeole, Computer Engineering Department


Exclusive Scholar Programme is program launched in Jan 2013, envisaged for academically bright students who are interested in any extra practical/ study project beyond curriculum .These students if needed can be given exemption in either theory or practical classes, as per the evaluation of the student and the requirement of the extra project work by the mentor /subject teacher. This programme is coordinated by Mrs. Anjali Yeole.


This year (2014-15) is the third year of this program.


Web-Pages for Library

Participant: Ms. Ankita Sanjay Mahadik | Mentor: Mrs. Sharmila Sengupta | Department: CMPN

Low-cost, High Accuracy Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator

Participant: Mr. Kshitij Sharma | Mentor: Mrs. Jayashree Ramakrishnan | Department: INST


Participant: Mr. Varun Bablani | Mentor: Mr. Amit Singh | Department: IT

Spell Checker and its Applications using Python Programming

Participant: Mr. Akhilesh S. Thakur | Mentor: Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary | Department: ETRX


Students have successfully implemented their ideas and demonstrated the same on 20th Feb 2015. The panel members judging their work were Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi, Prof. P. P. Vaidya and Prof. Smita Jangale along with our Principal Dr. J. M. Nair.