Staff In-charges: Prof. Geeta Ajit, Prof. Pooja Kundu, Prof. Hardik Shah


Student Head: Namrata Sampat


Student Team: Richard Noronha, Saisaketh Ramireddy, Deepika Khatri, Jay Anjankar, Prasanna Kulkarni, Samarth Ladia


VESIT Literature Labs (VESLit) is an initiative aimed at teaching spoken English skills to students through the use of advanced software in our dedicated lab. To spread greater awareness among students about the VESLit Lab and give impetus to the students to take advantage of this facility, VESLit Week was conceived. The maiden run of this English language and literature based festival was held from 9th February to 18th February 2015 with its grand finale on 18th February 2015. For every event, feedback was collected from the participants.


VESLit Week Schedule:


Date Events
9th February 2015 SE and TE Panel Discussion Eliminations
TE Debate Eliminations
TE Impromptu Eliminations
10th February 2015 SE and TE Panel Discussion Eliminations
SE and TE Debate Eliminations
SE and TE Impromptu Eliminations
SE and TE Novel-ty Quiz Eliminations
11th February 2015 FE Impromptu (FE1, FE3, FE5)
TE Novel-ty Quiz Finals
12th February 2015 FE Impromptu (FE2, FE4, FE8)
TE Panel Discussion Finals
13th February 2015 SE and TE Impromptu Finals
SE Novel-ty Quiz Finals
14th February 2015 FE Impromptu (FE6, FE7, FE9)
SE Panel Discussion Finals
15th February 2015 Wordsworth


  1. Panel Discussions (SEs and TEs):
  2. Panel Discussion i.e. group discussion was conducted separately for SEs and TEs. The SE finals were held with a panel of 4 whereas the TE finals were held with a panel of 7.
    SE winner:
    Gaurav Bhide (D8)
    TE winners:
    1st – Shantanu Mulay (D13)
    2nd – Rutvij Shah (D13)
    3rd – Naren Ambwani (D11A), Dhirajkumar Lulla (D14B)


  3. Debate (SEs and TEs):
  4. Debate eliminations for SEs as well as TEs were conducted on two days each. However, due to low participation in eliminations, the finals were called off.


  5.  Novel-ty Quiz (SEs and TEs):
  6. The most popular event of VESLit Week was the Novel-ty Quiz. It was a quiz based on popular and classic literature. Paper eliminations were conducted with the gracious held of CSI VESIT (SEs) and ISTE VESIT (TEs). The finals were conducted separately for SEs and TEs.
    SE winner: Hari Krishnan (D7A)
    TE winner: Niharika Apte (D11A), Priyanka Ghatge (D11A), Maansee Mohire (D11B)


  7. Impromptu (SEs and TEs):
  8. VESLit Impromptu was an event that the participants to various tasks related to on-the-spot speech and debate. The Impromptu finals were held jointly for SEs and TEs.
    SE & TE winner: Rutvij Shah (D13)


  9. Impromptu (FEs):
  10. In an effort to include FEs in VESLit Week, Impromptu was conducted in 3 sessions for 3 classes at a time at 3pm with the kind permission of the General Department HOD. The event received overwhelming participation, with shy as well as confident speakers signing up to take the stage in front of their friends and classmates. Participants were judged on theie ability to effectively deliver an impromptu speech on a versatile range of subjects.
    1st – Anu Singhal (FE 6)
    2nd – Revathi Pathak (FE 3)
    3rd – Ajit Krishnamurthy (FE 7), Baisakhi Choudhury (FE 9), Parmeen Bindra (FE 9)


  11. Wordsworth (SEs, TEs and BEs):
    Bringing VESLit Week to a grand and fun finish was the mega event – Wordsworth. Participation was in teams of two. In the first round, teams played word-based mini games like word search, word pyramid and hang man, to collect as many points as possible. The 8 teams with the highest aggregate from among these were chosen. For the second and final round, a giant Scrabble board was created on the floor of the Amphitheatre. The finalists used the points earned in the previous round to purchase Scrabble tiles and create words. The scoring was done according to standard Scrabble rules and the team with the highest score won.
    1st – Riya Jajoo (D6A), Sejal Kapoor (D9B)
    2nd – Rutvij Shah (D13)
    3rd – Chinmay Patil (D14A), Aboli Kulkarni (D14A)


    Article-writing (FEs, SEs, TEs and BEs):

    An article-writing competition with the theme, “Technical Excellence in VESIT” was held. The participants were expected to write an article which covers the various departments in VESIT, highlighting the Labs of Excellence from each department. Accurate information for the same was provided to the participants with the gracious assistance of the HODs of every department. The winning entry has been published in this issue of Vishwakarma.
    VESLit Week came as a surprise to students, with delighted participation from all batches. All our participants are looking forward to the next iteration. VESLit is proud to provide a platform for nurturing and honing English skills and we look forward to conducting many more activities in the future.