Computer Society of India

csiVESIT Student Chapter

Staff In charge: Mrs. Charusheela Nehete,  Mr. Prashant Kanade, Mrs. Mona Deshmukh.

Managing Committee: Mr.Rahul Shah, Mr.Rahul Shroff, Mr.Rahul Ravindran, Mr.Rohan Tondulkar

Chairperson: Mr.Kavin Desai

Website: www.csivesit.org



The Computer Society of India(CSI) is the largest association of IT professionals in India. The CSI – VESIT Student Chapter,awarded as the Best Student Chapter, has been the most active student cell for the past 9 years. It is committed to the mission of creating technical awareness among students and providing an opportunity to learn and sharpen their technical skills by conducting a plethora of events spanning in the academic year. 2014-15.


Many interactive workshops and seminars were conducted which were purely dedicated to increase the ken and give members hands-on experience with various technologies. Those conducted this academic year were-PC assemblyFlashAdobe Premiere Pro, .Net, Python, Ethical Hacking and also a workshop on Scilab.


Events  like The Hidden Cipher, The Code Breaker, held for the second and the third year respectively tested the student’s adept in encoding and decoding cryptographic codes and ciphers within time constraints. Computer Hardware based trading quiz, Comp-O-Nect was organized for TE members, where the participants compete to achieve the best configuration for their computers. Virtual Stock Market, an online event engaged the members into the world of Share Market.
Ultimate Coder a SE Event aimed at testing the participant’s skills in algorithms, a high-held proficiency in C/C++ and Java and also detecting defects and errors in a given piece of code.


Technical Paper Presentation provided our members with a platform to present their innovative ideas under the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable judges.
The Article Writing contest provided the students an opportunity to showcase their technical knowledge, innate writing skills and research interests. LAN Gaming, aimed at perpetuating the craze in the gaming industry, saw a huge response like every year. To interest the members, certain events with a blend of fun and tech were organized. These included Cash-in If You Can, a game of knowledge and luck and, Cric-O-Mania provided the members with a good experience at the auction table. Also, The Idiot Box, proved once again, to be the most enjoyed event of the year. The Junior Council EventRebellion saw a huge turnout from the Se’s. Amongst the upcoming events of the year, there is Open Software, which test the members in their technical and creativity skills.


csi1-300x225The CSI-VESIT website is an interactive portal for our members to receive updates about our society activities. CSI-VESIT also launched its own Android App, providing a common platform for the society and its members aimed at receiving constant updates about the society on the move. CSI boasts of a large number of recognized publications. It includes two newsletters-Random Thoughts, one e-newsletter-NEXUS and our annual magazine-Interface. Apart from updating our members with the latest tech-news, these publications include winning entries of the Article writing competition, TPPs and guest articles by experts. The Annual symposium, IMPACT is the mega finale and marks the end of the society activities for the academic year. It’s an amalgamation of lectures, seminars and prize distribution ceremony for our winners. The theme for the symposium last year was ‘E Commerce’.


Like every year, CSI-VESIT promises to organize a multitude of interactive events providing members a platform to showcase their talents, espousing their advent in the technical field.