Computer Society of India

csiVESIT Student Chapter

Staff In charge: Mrs. Charusheela Nehete,  Mrs. Mona Deshmukh.

Managing Committee: Chairperson: Shantanu Shende
                                          Senior Secretary : Yash Chetnani
                                          Senior Treasurer : Neeraj Keswani
                                          Co-Chairperson : Adarsh Shetty
                                         Operations Secretary :  Rushikesh Gawande 
                                                                            Managing Secretary :  Jagrit Bhatt
                                                                            Treasurer : Apeksha Yadav 
                                Website: www.csi-vesit.org

The CSI-VESIT council is an amalgamation of various people who collectively work to create and host events which are enthralling as well as beneficial to the students of our college. This includes a plethora of technical events and educational workshops. The council works on improving the quality of interaction with each one of its society members.

List of activities-

Hidden Cipher:
CSI-VESIT conducted its very first event of the session ’17-’18 on 19th and 20th Sept 17.
The amusing ‘Hidden Cipher’ had paper eliminations round initially conducted on 19th Sept ’17.It was comprised of perplexing and entangling quiz with questions that settled the participants with eagerness.Next round consisted of Buzzer round and was concluded with 3 teams from SE as well as TE going for the final round.Final round had its own flavor with peculiar ‘Caesar Cipher’ which excited the participants and ceased with the best one winning the hunt.
WordPress Workshop:cs1
CSI-VESIT conducted its very first workshop of this academic year on WordPress in collaboration with IEEE, ISTE and ISA on the 11th and 12th of October. On the first day of the two day workshop basics of WordPress were introduced to the students along with going over its entire installation procedure. On the second day, each three member team was guided through building their own customized website solely by using the WordPress Platform.

Business Quiz:
There were 3 rounds of this Mega event of CSI-VESIT (5th-6th Feb ‘18) wherein first two rounds were essential to pick the business-minded and updated teams out of the pack. 6 teams were qualified for the finals. The final round was revamped to a strategic bidding session for players whereby they were expected to bid for their raw products, create their product and then reverse-bid their products in various countries which bought their products at different rates.Only the ingenious and witty managed to overcome the fierce challenges of the final round.

LAN Gaming :
A fun event organized for all the high spirits gaming enthusiasts which will test their strategic prowess and time management skills. It was held in three rounds and only the best will surpass the button mashing competition.

Cricomania :
This was one of the CSI-VESIT’s most awaited events of the academic year. It features a bunch of mini games which are based on the game of cricket and is the perfect fun-technical event for all the participants.

Symposium :cs1
CSI-VESIT had their annual symposium event called ‘Cynosure’ and was themed on the initiative of ‘Make In India’. The prizes were distributed to the winners of all the events conducted throughout the year by the hands of our staff incharge Mrs. Mona Deshmukh ma’am. It featured the website launch of CSI-VESIT’s official website, csi-vesit.org -. The latest edition of the our annual magazine Redux was also released. The event also showcased speeches by the members of the CSI Council sharing their experiences of the events conducted this year and also reviewing the past year based on the workshops conducted by CSI-VESIT.