prarambh-300x199As a new session commenced in VESIT, the Cultural Council of 2014­-2015,came into existence and kick started with their very first event of the year, i.e, the Freshers’ Party for our very own first year students. It was named PRARAMBH’14. The literal meaning of the word PRARAMBH is debut, hence it was very apt for the freshers’ Party to be called so. The next task was to keep a theme for the event. A theme that would entertain, educate and be enjoyed by all. “THE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS” was introduced as the grand theme of the event. The world is a small place where along with a few indolent people, live another handful of people who meet their true potential and work towards it. There are people whose ideas have shaped the course of history. They who have dreamt to make it real. They are the true Legends of the world.


This event gave the freshers the first opportunity to showcase their talents in college. Potential candidates for other college competitions coming up in the recent future were identified. This was a field for the students to bond with each other and unite together as a class. The first year students proved to be a batch full of talent and enthusiasm and were able to grab all the opportunities given to them with impeccable response and performances.




After kick starting the academic year with Prarambh’14, the Cultural Council introduced a brand new initiative – ILLUSION’15 – the only league format cultural event in our University with the objective of promoting intra-college bonding and identifying the most phenomenal talents in the institution. Illusion’15, a brand new addition to the long line of respected events at VESIT, provided a grand arena for students to compete with each other and unlock individual potential. The Council discovered a unique formula for a fun filled event which demanded excellence from the participants. The Illusion’15 team extensively scouted the institution for 6 prudent and qualified team leaders who faced each other to bring home the championship. The Illusion’15 team worked tirelessly to identify the most promising talents from the institution by a series of auditions and interviews, with the team leaders monitoring closely. TE students identified, were priced according to the proficiency in their art. A fierce auction then saw the team leaders lock horns with each other in the battle to find the perfect medley of members for their team. The auction process resulted in the formation of 42 members in each team leaded by 6 formidable leaders in portfolios of Music, Dance, Drama, Literature and Aesthetics. Team Prevailers emerged as the winners. With innovative events planned for each portfolio Illusion’15 has certainly given us an event to remember for years to come.


Intercollegiate Cultural Events


The Cultural Council encouraged and motivated students, to represent the institution in many inter-college platforms. The participants brought home laurels from ICT’s MANZAR and SIES Engineering College’s Cultural festival. Manzar was studded with VESIT’ians everywhere, with the dance team achieving second place and the Marathi Drama Team securing the third place. The icing on the cake was securing both first and second place in ‘Solo Singing’ and second place in ‘GUITAR WARS’ events in MANZAR. The Dance team secured second position at SIES as well.




With expectations running high, the Cultural Council is hard at work in organising Utsav’15, the next instalment in the amazing Cultural Events for the year. The Council has set its sight high and is planning to innovate and revolutionize the event. The two day extravaganza is sure to provide great excitement and anticipation among the students of the institution.