music_council-150x150Staff In-charge: Mrs.Vrinda Khadilkar

Secretary: Mr.Sumeet Menon








Since the commencement of the term, the Music council has come up with numerous events in its attempt to make the year memorable.The following events were conducted by the music council in the academic year 2014-15:-


Inaugural Event of BLISS


Date: 22nd Aug,2014

Theme: The Absolute Playlist

  • Concert of 70 minutes involving more than 20 artists across S.E, T.E & B.E. performed.
  • Crowd turnout of around 200 students in the seminar hall.




Dates: 18th & 19th and 20th Sept 2014

  • 2nd year of the Music Fest in VESIT. A participation of more than 250 students for all the competitions.
  • Regional Singing Competetion(Languages other than English and Hindi were encouraged in this event) Scrap Music Competetion (Who says only instruments can create those melodious tunes.
  • The event turned out to be a surprise success). Rap/Beat Boxing Competetion (Taking the Music culture also to the non-mainstream genres).
  • Battle of Bands (The ultimate band event with maximum audience). Music Quest (Unique Treasure hunt competition to keep people less inclined to music also involved).



  • The Music Council also conducted its very first event called “SONIC HIGHWAYS”.
  • The Music Council launched its very own page on facebook called “VESITUNES-The Music Fraternity”.
  • BLISS continued the tradition of performing in joint Independence Day celebrations in Sindhi Colony Campus.
  • Instruments in the Music Room are more secured with better locking systems and new cupboards. BLISS group also performed for inauguration of Edifice,Praxis etc with spiritual songs.



sonic-300x174Inter College and other Participation from BLISS

  • Neeraj Chawla(MCA) & Tanaya Seth(F.E) won first and third prizes respectively at ICT,Mumbai’s Cultural Fest Manzar.
  • The students from VESIT also made us proud by winning an international competition hosted by “THE HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS”.
  • The council expresses a heartfelt gratitude to the Principal and staff for lending their support and promises to uphold its respectable standing.