VESIT Photo Circle Group

Collage-for-Vishwakarma-212x300The journey from a WhatsApp group to a Facebook page to a full-fledged group in Vesit is truly mind boggling. On September 24, 2014 a WhatsApp group was created by Chinmay Vad. He added some people he knew who were good at photography. Things moved fast as after a long 15 minutes of brainstorming it was renamed as ‘Vesit Photo Circle Group’.


With the sole intention of providing the photographers of VESIT a unique platform to showcase their talents, the FB page of the photo circle group stands at 1941 likes and counting. A well proclaimed club in VESIT since January 2015, it has conducted various events. Its maiden event- Lights! Camera! Diwali! Truly captured the essence of the festival of light as their page was flooded with more than 100 pictures of Diyas, Firecrackers and other paraphernalia. ‘What I do while studying?’ had a self-explanatory name while ‘explore’ urged us to get outdoors during vacations. Then came Illusion when they made their first public announcement.


Seizing the opportunity of coordinated colours on the Branch Day of Utsav, it invited everyone to get their class photos clicked while making them hold placards with their class names on them. During Saree and Blazer Day and Traditional Day, it went berserk with their camera ‘snoop’ing over every Vesitian that met their lens. Clicking over 1500 photos on Saree and Blazer day and another 1400 on Traditional Day, they uploaded all of them giving Vesitians display pictures for several months and memories for a lifetime.We also tried their luck at an intercollegiate light painting competition and bagged the first prize there!
Now we are excited about bringing a similar competition in Utsav ‘Light Graffiti’. It will be the first time such a competition will be conducted in Vesit.
To conclude,


We’ve only just begun
Hypotized by drums
Until forever comes,
You’ll find us chasing the Sun!