VESIT Student Chapter
Staff In-charge: Mrs.Shobha Krishnan, Mrs Gresha Bhatia
Chairperson: Mr. Hitesh Laware





IEEE VESIT 2017-18, keeping in mind its vision, conducted the following events for the infotainment of its members:


The events conducted in the odd semester of 2017 included:


  • Quizard : 

    This event was a quiz based competition where the general knowledge of the participating teams was tested. It was held on 21st September 2017.


  • Android Workshop:-  

    Android Workshop 1 was held on 9th and 10th October by IEEE in collaboration with CSI, ISTE and ISA. The attendees learnt the basics of Android programming with Android Studio.

    Android Workshop

  • PCB Workshop:- 

    PCB workshop was conducted by ISA in collaboration with IEEE, CSI and ISTE on 25th and 26th September 2017


    PCB Workshop

  • Image Processing Workshop 

    Image Processing workshop was conducted by ISTE in collaboration with IEEE, CSI and ISA


  • WordPress workshop  

    On 11th and 12th October, Word Press workshop was conducted by CSI in collaboration with IEEE, ISA and ISTE.

  • Online Treasure Hunt 1  

    Online Treasure Hunt 1 went live on the night of 29th September. OTH is a technical treasure hunt where participants race against each other to solve all the questions first.


Even Semester


The events conducted in the even semester of 2017- 18 included:


  • Clash of Conquerors  

    Clash of Conquerors was conducted on 31st January and 1st February. It was a card based game where participants advanced with the help of some luck and strategic prowess.

    Clash of Conqurers

  • Android Workshop  

    Android Workshop 2.0 was held on 23rd and 24th February, where attendees created an Android app connected to Firebase on the backend.

  • Crypto currency workshop  

    A workshop on Crypto currency was held on 7th February. Attendees learnt the intricacies and nitty-gritties of various crypto currencies and their implications on the economy.

  • Model United Nations  

    IEEE next held a Model United Nations, on 1st March, giving participants a taste of how it is to be a UN ambassador rallying for their country’s rights.

    Model United Nations

  • Technical Paper Presentation  

    The final round of Technical Paper Presentation was held on 3rd March, where the selected contestants presented their research in front of a panel of judges.

  • Online Treasure Hunt  

    On the night of 3rd March, OTH 2 went live. Participants solved tricky technical questions and some puzzling non technical questions in a race to emerge as the winner.

  • TROTA  

    TROTA, a mega fun event was conducted on 5th and 6th March, where teams played a live mega-board game to emerge as the ultimate winner.


  • What Do You MEME  

    The IEEE Coordinators event ‘What Do You MEME’ was conducted on 9th and 10th March 18. Participants played meme-based fun games to win the event.

    What Do You MEME

  • Article Writing  

    Article writing was conducted where participants submitted articles on the theme of Crypto currency, a memorable year was given an apt closure with the IEEE annual symposium ‘Melange 2018’, held on 2nd April, where the prize distribution of all the winners was conducted.