Indian Society For Technical Education

Staff In-charge: Prof. Ravi Shankar, Prof. Naveeta Kant
Chairperson: Ankita Masand
Sr. Secretary: Rohit Joshi
Sr. Treasurer: Prathamesh Desai








The VESIT student chapter of ISTE addresses to the technical and non-technical needs of its members giving them a chance to display their talents and prove their worth in an array of events conducted throughout the year.






Photoshop Workshop: Different tools and tricks to edit images using Adobe Photoshop were explained in this workshop.


Eagle Workshop: This workshop explained members the process of PCB fabrication using EAGLE software.


Techtrix: A three day event was organized which included array of technical sub events like Technical Paper Presentation, Project Competition and Technical Quiz-Technotrix.





Group Discussions: This event organized for T.E members helped them to boost their soft speaking skills.


JA Titans:  In collaboration with Junior Achievement, an inter college event was conducted in which teams competed against each other in a virtual, online business simulation.


Around the World: It was one of the mega events organized by ISTE. This event was aimed at giving S.E and T.E members an opportunity to explore different cities of the world.


Debates: To enhance the communication skills of S.E members, debate sessions were arranged. The finals were judged by Mr. K.P Singh, a renowned speaker and counselor.


Placement Week: T.E members got to experience our campus placement procedure by appearing for Mock Interviews and Online Aptitude Tests.


Srinivasa Ramanujan Mathematical Competitions-2013: ISTE VESIT conducted SRMC-13 under ISTE Headquarters, Delhi. Chapter level, Zonal level as well as National level examinations of these competitions were hosted by ISTE VESIT.


Sea Stranglers: This event was organized exclusively by S.E Coordinators wherein all S.E members accomplished various tasks related to the theme ‘Pirates’.


Math and Logic: This event tested logical and reasoning abilities of all S.E members.


ISTE-3-300x180Prova: This event analyzed the product designing and advertising skills of our S.E members.


Maximus: This event was organized for all T.E members to boost up their marketing skills. The event incorporated presentations on alternative marketing strategies for a failed product.


What after B.E Seminar: A seminar by Mr. Ganesh Kohli was organized to give S.E members a brief idea on career options available after graduation.


Study Abroad:  This seminar cleared all the doubts of students who plan to pursue higher studies in foreign countries. It was conducted by Mr. K.P Singh.


Mock GRE: For all the T.E members appearing for GRE tests, a mock practice session was organized.


To sum it up, ISTE VESIT organized a chain of enriching events throughout the year.