Research and Development Lab

Staff In-charge: Dr. (Mr.) P.P. Vaidya

R&D Department undertakes various R&D projects from industries and works on various research problems for Ph.D students in VESIT.


VESIT - Research and Development LabSuccessfully completed R&D Projects:

  • Electronic Radioactivity Simulator in collaboration with BARC. This project was funded by BRNS for an amount of 22 lakhs and for duration of 3years.
  • Multi-channel analyzer, Nuclear Counting System – in collaboration with industry.
  • Analysis and Monitoring of Degradation of Insulation in H V Transformers as M.E project in collaboration with industry.
  • ME student Projects on “Nuclear Detector Characterization” in collaboration with I.I.T, Mumbai and “Sensor network for Agricultural application” in collaboration with industry.
  • Low Level Signal Generation funded by V.E.S.I.T


VESIT - Research and Development LabOngoing projects in collaboration with industries:

  • Signal Processing circuit for Rogowski coil based integrator with low time constant
  • Low level sensing (from 2mA onwards) in industrial environment
  • DC level shift correction for sensing true AC signal.
  • Peak detection of low level signals in frequency range of 5KHz to 25KHz
  • High Speed Time to Amplitude Converter.
  • Leakage detection using Fibre Optics.
  • Application of Kalman Filter to Nuclear Engineering Data.
  • Bayesian Estimation of Nuclear Engineering Data.


Ph.D Research Projects:

  • Low Level Signal Processing systems.
  • Reconfigurable ADCs
  • Optimise Nuclear spectroscopy System
  • Research in New Techniques for on-line monitoring insulation degradation.
  • Research for changes in characteristics of optical fibres with changes in various Parameters like temperature, vibration etc.