Activities 2016 – 2017

List of activities conducted under VESIT Research Forum 2016-17

S.No Title of Event Dept Resource Person
1 Intellectual Property Rights and Patent laws, 22nd July 2016


CMPN Dr. Krishna Lala e-Yantra IITB
2 Mendeley Reference Manager Workshop, 31st Aug 2016


MCA Mrs Dhanamma Jagli
3 Graph Matchings and Wireless Communications, 16th Sept 2016


CMPN Mr. Rahul Vaze, TIFR Mumbai
4 Hybrid Image Compression, 29th Sept 2016


EXTC Dr. C.S Rawat
5 IoT- Getting Started, 6th Oct 2016


ETRX Mr. Anurag Chugh (VESIT Alumni)
6 Advance measurement technique for validation of research in Electronics, 7th Oct 2016


INST Dr. P. P. Vaidya
7 How to write technical paper and make effective power point presentation, 21st Jan 2017


EXTC Mr. A. Nagananda
8 Big Data Hadoop 31st Jan 2017


CMPN Mr.S.Nagaokar, Associate consultant, Teradata
9 Internet of Things, 9th Feb 2017


INST Mr. N. Gopalakrishnan
10 High Performance Computing and its Research Scope, 22nd Feb 2017


INFT Prof Surya Durbha, CSRE, IITB
11 Techniques in Artificial Intelligence, 2nd March 2017 INFT Mr. Devesh Rajadhyax, from Cerelabs
12 Adaptive Filters, 27th March 2017 ETRX Mr. Pameshwar  Birajdar
13 Mapping of data model using formal language (19th April 2017) MCA Ms. Indira B. and Ms. Ruchi Rautela