Activities 2016 – 2017

The Forum was inaugurated on 20th July 2013 at the hands of Dr. S. K Ghosh (TIFR) and Dr. S. Ganesan (BARC) (Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively)

S. No Title of Event

Resource Person


1 How to make effective power point presentation for projects? Prof. A. Nagananda
2 Internet of things using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Dr. Nadir Charniya
3 Development of some lossless and lossy hybrid image compression schemes Dr. Chandan Singh Rawat
4 How to write technical project report? Prof A. Nagananda


1 Adaptive Filter using Matlab Mr. P. Birajdar
2 Workshop on Arduino Basic Electronics Mr. Abhay Kshirsagar and Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary


1 Lecture and Demo on Internet of Things using ESP8266 Mr. Gopalakrishnan and Mr. Kader Shaikh
WS on IOT using ESP8266 , Rpi, Aurdino in Praksis Dr. P. P. Vaidya
2 Talk on ‘Advance measurement techniques for validation of research in electronics’  


1 FPR policy and patenting Dr. Krishna
2 Big data and Hadoop Mr. Suyogg
3 M.E. research topic Mr. Vinayak
4 Android programming Mr. Nagare
5 Advanced computing Mr. Rahul Vaze


1 High Performance Computing (HPC) Dr. Shanta Sondur


1 Mendeley Reference manager Mrs Dhanamma Jagli
2 Cloud Security Mrs. Shireesha Y
3 Mapping of data model to Formal Languages Mrs Indira B.


In addition to this students have been motivated and enrolled for their participation in e-Yantra Robotics Training and Competition. Students have formed their groups for participation in the project competition organized by ELECRAMA, Texas Instrument and other. The forum helped in the installation of video lecture series of NPTEL in the college server to watch the lectures centrally. The forum has also initiated Mini Projects in the EXTC Dept at 3rd year level.


  • A project on Solar Tracker by Mr. Sheldon F. and his team of Final year Electronics and Telecom has won Third Prize of Rs 50000/ -in ELECRAMA 8th -12th Jan 2014, in Bangalore
  • Mr Gauresh Vanjare and His group qualified IIT Mumbai E-Yantra students competition for ROBOTICS and received free Robotic kit for carrying out their project

     -Dr. Nadir Charniya

    Coordinator, VESIT Research Forum