Intellectual Properties and Patents are need of the hour for all of us. bRAINcATCHER is an opportunity for the teachers to implement their innovative ideas. Since innovations are not a time bound activity, bRAINcATCHER will allow us to work comfortably on an idea with theflexibility of extending the same over months or even if needed year.


Project Selection Criterio
1. Individual faculty or group of faculties (maximum three) will decide the topic of the project in the beginning of the odd semester every academic year.
2. Groups will be formed irrespective of the departments to which faculties belong to.
3. Every group will have principal investigator and co-investigators (if any).
4. Every group will be giving presentation on their respective topics on 15 October, World Students’Day (Birthday of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam) every year, where they will be judged by panel of expert


Group Formation
5. Selected faculty groups will display their idea either on web or notice
6. Interested students will approach the respective faculties depending on their area of interest.
7. Faculty will be scrutinizing them according to their requirement for building the team of students.
8. Each team will be having four students, two from second year and two from third Year.
9. Selected students will be assisting to mentor/faculty for the completion of project for one year or more than one year depending upon decision of principal investigator.


Project Extension
10. On the technology day, 20th March, all the groups will give a project presentation where they will demonstrate their implementation of idea.
11. Three short listed projects will receive special support from college for completion of project.
12. The principle investigator has the full authority whether to continue with the same group of students for next bRAINcATCHER year or to implement the project as final year project.
13. In case of the faculties from different departments, the continuation of the project will be dependent on the consent of principle investigator.
14. The faculties whose projects are not selected (and selection be done
on basis of previous year completion and improved idea of project) can again make further improvements in their projects and can participate next year.