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Born to Blossom – For First Year Engineering and MCA Students

Report on “Born To Blossom“


“Born to Blossom” seminar was organized by the prestigious Swami Vivekananda Kendra, at Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology on the 23rd March, 2018 Friday for the VESIT  students and faculty. The guest speaker Shri Vishwas Ramchandra Lapalkar, Prant Sanghatak of Maharashtra Prant, was introduced to the congregation by Mr. Mehul Tuteja, First year MCA student of our college, who briefly recounted his achievements before inviting him to the Dias.


Ms. Archana and Ms. Sujata, co-workers of Mr. Vishwas ji, opened the seminar with the chanting of the Omkara followed by a patriotic song “Hind Ke Bahaduron”. Everybody was encouraged to participate in the singing.


Another co-worker of the speaker briefly informed the audience about the level of dedication and level of enthusiasm of the 68 year young speaker and asked them to take full advantage of his presence by paying undivided attention to his words. He was given a token of appreciation by one of the staff.


Mr. Vishwas took the stage

He started with informing the audience, that a museum dedicated to Swami Vivekananda was inaugurated 1 year ago, by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Rameshwaram, at a place very close to the residence of the ex-president Abdul Kalam. He said that the intended topic of the day was originally “Born to Succeed” which he prudently changed to “Born to Blossom” which is also the name of a book written by Dr. Abdul Kalam.




He recounted fondly of how his journey had begun with this same institution many many years ago, when he along with his 15 friends were addressed by Mr. Hashu Adwani who inspired him to know more about Swami Vivekananda and his mission.




He gave us the distinction between succeeding and blossoming of a personality with an example of Swami Vivekananda’s personality, his ability to inspire people like Bhagini Nivedita. Recently in England, a road has been named in her honour.


On 27th August 2007, the Prime Minister of Japan, on a visit to India, addressed the parliamentarians. The first thing he expressed was the honour of being in the land of Vivekananda who, according to him, had given the blueprint of development of Japan.


The speaker lamented that India who also had the blueprint in their hands had not used it, while Japan had used it to become a superpower.


The main stay of the blueprint was “Love for the Motherland”, he mentioned this in his 1897 address.


The main 2 points that he had given to the Japanese people was – include your culture in the education system and inculcate love and sacrifice for the motherland, which is bearing results for them, even today.