LAB Facilities

Programming Lab

Laboratory courses conducted: – Programing Concepts and C++, Programming and Data Structure, Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Concepts through Java , Web Applications through Servlets, JSP,EJB etc. Lab is equipped with thirty machines with Software like, Turbo C++, Java, Developer C++ etc.


Database Lab

Laboratory courses conducted: – Database Managements Systems with SQL and database Programming with PL/SQL, Parallel and Distributed database, Data warehousing and Mining Concepts, Probability and Statistics lab etc. Lab is equipped with thirty Machines with i3 and i5 configuration etc. Software Oracle11g, SPSS11 (statistical packeage for the Social Sciences), Weka7 etc.


Web Technology Lab

Laboratory courses conducted: – Computer Network Lab, Wireless and Mobile Computing etc. This lab consists of computers installed with Cisco packet Tracer, Visual Studio 2010, PhoneGap etc.