SPICE - Students Personality, Intellect & Creativity Enhancement at VESIT
Students Personality, Intellect & Creativity Enhancement


Staff In-charge: Mrs. Nishi Tiku, Mrs.Dhanamma Jagli


President: Amit Vishwakarma



Our Moto: To Bridge the gap between Campus and Companies and overall personality development of the students.


SPICE was formed to bridge the gap between the college syllabus and the placements. SPICE conducts aptitude test, sessions by experts and ex-students to make students understand the aptitude level of dream companies as well prepare them for such placements in both aptitude and interviews.


It also aides their overall personality development by giving them the confidence to speak via GD and debate sessions and prepare them for the corporate world.


The Academic year 2016-2017 :

Events planned for the year are :


  • Aptitude Lectures & Tests for MCA-1 & MCA-2 (both shifts)
  • Group Discussion/Debate for MCA-1 & MCA-2 (both shifts)
  • Coding Contest for MCA-1(C/C++/PHP) & MCA-2 (C/C++) of (both shifts)
  • Expert lecture of HR for MCA-2 (both shifts)
  • Interactive/Expert lectures for MCA-2 (both shifts)
  • “Creativity Enhancement” Events for MCA-1 & MCA-2 (both shifts)
  • Expert lecture to crack the code for MCA-2 (both shifts)


Events conducted during the year till date:


  1. Aptitude Lectures & Tests: Lectures to improve student’s aptitude skills are being conducted. Regular aptitude tests are also being held. Lectures were taken by faculty as well as senior students.
  1. Coding Contest: 15 February – Coding Contest was conducted for the students of second year. Event was aimed to test the programming skills of students. Individual’s programming skills on Theory as well as practical was tested during this event


Future Events:

  • SPICE is planning to conduct aptitude lectures, tests and creative events for the students of F.Y. and S.Y.
  • Lectures are also being planned to familiarize students with the current corporate technologies.
  • HR specific lectures for students appearing interviews