Lab Facilities


VESIT Computer Engineering - Database Management Systems Lab

Lab 301 : Database Management Systems
A well-equipped lab comprising of latest computers installed with various Database tools & Servers like Microsoft SQL Server 2005/08 & MS Access (under dreamsparx licence), Oracle 11g, Visual Studio 08/10.,Netbeans etc. The courses conducted are Distributed databases,Operating Systems and Systems Designing.
Faculty Incharge: Prof. Vidya Zope, Prof. Manisha Gahirwal
Lab coordinator: Prof. Snehal Mane

VESIT Computer Engineering - Multimedia Lab
LAB 302 : Multimedia Lab
A dedicated lab that caters to requirements of Web Engineering & Multimedia with latest softwares like Maya 9.0, Adobe Macromedia Studio, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Autodesk 8.0 & Fireworks. The Lab typically caters to second year and third year computer students.
Faculty Incharge: Prof. Lifna C.S., Prof. Gresha Bhatia
Lab coordinator: Prof. Richard Joseph

VESIT Computer Engineering - Annex – Specialized Lab : Web Engineering & MultimediaLAB 302- Annex – Specialized Lab : Web Engineering & Multimedia
Under (MODROBs grant – Ref No 12/AICTE/RIFD/MOD(Policy4)Pvt109/201213)
This specialized lab is an extension of the Web Engineering and Multimedia Lab which is high end lab and includes 3-Apple Machines, 2 Aakash Tablets,1 iPad and 1 Interactive kiosk under the AICTE MODROB Grant.
Faculty Incharge: Prof. Lifna C.S, Prof. Nupur Giri
Lab coordinator: Prof. Richard Joseph
VESIT Computer Engineering - Microprocessor and Robotics Lab
Lab 303 : Microprocessor and Robotics
This lab is equipped with the Trainer kits of Microprocessor 8085 & Advanced 8086 Trainer Kits. Several interfacing kits that aid Robotics and i-Bot trainer kits are provided. Also houses computers with tools such as TASM & MASM. The courses conducted are Microprocessor, Microcontroller and Artificial Intelligence.

Faculty Incharge: Prof. Indu Dokare, Prof. Prashant Kanade.
Lab coordinator: Prof. Poonam Gholap

VESIT Computer Engineering - Networking LabLab 307 : Networking

Aims to provide an environment that aids in effective learning of Networking & Mobile Computing concepts. Systems on the Linux Platform and several development toolkits for mobile computing are some of the features. It consists of Packet Tracer, NetSim Academic, Sun Java Wireless Toolkit, Visual Paradigm. The courses conducted are Computer Networks, Cryptography and System security, Networking Programming Laboratory.

Faculty Incharge: Prof. Prashant Kanade, Prof.Sharmila Sengupta
Lab coordinator: Prof. Sunita Sahu


VESIT Computer Engineering - Object Oriented and Programming LabLab 308 : Object Oriented and Programming
To aid in proper understanding of System Design and programming Concepts, this lab houses computers with several system design tools like Visual Paradigm, Rational Rose, MS access, MS SQL Server 2005 and Eclipse Ganymede Arch Studio are some of the several software estimation tools. The courses conducted are Object Oriented Programming Methodology and Web Technology.
Faculty Incharge: Prof. Priya R.L, Prof. Abha Tiwari
Lab coordinator: Prof. Sunita Suralkar


VESIT Computer Engineering - Project  LabLab 309 A : Project Lab I
This lab has been specially provided for the students to perform their project work with several advanced computers with latest softwares like MATLAB, Visual Studio 2010. Faculty Incharge: Prof Kajal Jewani, Prof Anjali Yeole
Lab coordinator: Prof. Sujata Khandaskar

VESIT Computer Engineering -Cloud Computing LabLab 309 B : Specialized Lab – Cloud Computing Lab
This new Lab caters to the final year course and has opensource softwares like Open stack, OwnCloud, XEN and KVM also VirtualBox. Also the resources are used for various projects.
Faculty Incharge: Prof. Pallavi Saindane, Prof. Richard Joseph
Lab coordinator: Prof. Mohan Pawar

VESIT Computer Engineering - Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics LabLab 310 A : Specialized Lab – Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics Lab
This specialized lab is for final year Elective courses Big data analytics and machine learning. It is equipped with latest high end computers. Cloudera distribution for Apache Hadoop version 4.4.1 which comprises of Hadoop, Hive ,Pig, Hbase is used along with other opensource tools like R, Mahout.
Faculty Incharge: Prof Aarthi C.I. , Prof. Sujata Khedkar
Lab coordinator: Prof. Sujata Khandaskar

Lab 310 B : Project Lab II
A well equipped lab catering to final year students for their projects and courses.
Faculty Incharge: Prof Vinayak Kachare
Lab coordinator: Prof. Rakhee Kundu