Lab Facilities


Laboratory courses conducted: – Principle of Communication Engineering, Digital Communication, Mobile Communication Systems & other analog & digital communication related subjects. Lab is equipped with DSO-(Agilent, Aplab, Tektronics, Rigon), Spectrum Analyzer-3GHz (Agilent, Hameg), Signal Generators-AM/FM,



Computers with latest configuration etc. COMMSIM:- Network & Communication Simulation Software, Digital Communication Trainer kits like 16-QAM, QPSK, PSK, TDMD, Error correcting codes etc.


Laboratory courses conducted: – RF Circuit Design, Microwave Devices and Circuits, Computer Communication Networks, Electromagnetic wave Theory etc. Lab is equipped with Antenna trainer set, DSO-(Agilent, Aplab, Tektronics, Rigon), Spectrum Analyzer-3GHz (Agilent, Hameg), Vector Signal Generator,Standard Signal Generators for RF-range, Network Analyzer (Agilent), Transmission Line Trainer, Computers with latest configuration etc. Software like MATLAB, Ansoft, PCADD are used simulation.

Laboratory courses conducted :- Discrete Time Signal Processing, Computer Communication Networks, Image Processing, Wireless Communication, ICE etc. This LAB consist of 25-PCs with latest configuration, server, Wirless LAN, PDA’s & Mobile phones for experimental purpose. All computers are installed with necessary simulation softwares.


Laboratory courses conducted :- Optical Fiber Communication, MOC. This Lab also extends support to the final year students for their Project Work. The lab consists of the professional software like COMSOL, Optiwave and equipment like OTDR, Trainer kits for calculation of IV Characteristics, WDM, Chromatic dispersion analog & digital signal transmission, 1550nm & 1310nm optical sources etc.


VLSI and Satellite Communication
Laboratory courses conducted :-Digital Design, Linear Integrated Circuits, VLSI, Microelectronics, TV and Video Engineering and Satellite Communication.This lab supports conducting practical& internship projects work for SE to BE students. This lab equipped with Professional Softwares like Xilinx-VIVADO, Mentor Graphics backend design tool used in VLSI industries. This lab is maintained with high end servers and computers. Lab contains equipment like xilinx FPGA boards, Analyzer, CRO, DSO, Digital trainer kits,TV models, B/W & color pattern generators, Satellite trainer kit module etc.


Innovation Lab
This is a brand new lab added in EXTC department previous year specially used for ME projects and selected specialized projects from department. This lab is equipped with high end computers and equipment like Raspberry Pi kits, Arduino Kits and components like DC motors, batteries,sensors etc. which are used for projects.


PCB designing lab
Laboratory courses conducted :- PCB designing, FE Workshop. This lab supports conducting practicals of FE to TE students and used for Mini projects. This is speciallydedicated lab for PCB design. A complete PCB development unit including cutting, coating, etching, drilling , soldering etc. is available here. This lab consists of computers and hardware like CRO, waveform and signal generators etc.


Microprocessor and Embedded system lab

Laboratory courses conducted :- Microprocessor and Applications, Microcontroller, Embedded System Design etc. This lab supports conducting practical’s for SE to BE students. This lab is equipped with computers and various microprocessor based trainer kits,Steppermotors,ADC and DAC kits.