Lab Facilities

Lab 007 : Drawing Hall

A well equipped lab with enough number of drawing boards and drawing tables required for students to sharpen their skills to understand the subject of ENGG.DRAWING.

Lab In charge: Mr.Vivek Umrikar



Lab 10A : Structural Programming Approach

A well-equipped lab comprising of latest computers installed with various Database tools & Servers like Microsoft SQL Server 2005/08 & MS Access (under dreamsparx licence), Oracle 11g, Visual Studio 08/10.,Netbeans etc. The courses conducted are Distributed databases, Operating Systems and Systems Designing.

Lab In charge: Ms.Pooja Shetty



Lab 502 : Applied Physics

A well-equipped lab having equipments and apparatus for small scale measurements and experiments on Crystal structures, Hall effect, Hystersis, photo-electric effect, Newton’s ring, Diffraction grating, wedge shape thin film study, He-Ne Laser, Ultrasonics and cathode ray oscilloscope. All the experiments are correlated with the topics covered in syllabus for SEM-I and SEM-II first year engineering Applied Physics.

Lab In charge: Dr. Shashwati Majumder.



Lab 008 : Basic Workshop

A well-equipped lab to perform basic workshop practices. As per the curriculum it is conducted in Sem-I & Sem-II. Lab contains major equipments like wood turning m/c, welding equipments, drilling m/c, sheet metal work equipments. In two semesters sheet metal work, fitting, wood turning process, welding etc processes are conducted.

Lab In charge: Mr. Vijay Shejwalkar




Lab 503 : Applied Chemistry

A well-equipped lab comprising of all the equipments like Redwood Viscometer, Flash point apparatus. Electronic Balance, Electric Oven, Chemicals and Glassware required for First year Engineering course of Applied Chemistry SEM-1 SEM-2.

Lab In charge: Dr Sunanda Manoj




Lab 501 : Engineering Mechanics/ AUTOCAD

A well-equipped, fully AC & spacious lab as per the syllabus requirement in ENGG.MECHANICS and AUTOCAD. In AUTO CAD lab one student one PC policy is followed. It enhances effective learning of the subject.

Lab In charges:
Mr. Mahesh Singh (EM)
Mrs. Ramya T. (AUTOCAD)



Lab 305 : Language Lab

Today, globalization is the key to success beyond National and International boundaries. To get success in it, English language is very important. Through English language, students help themselves abreast of the worldwide latest developments in different fields and knowledge. To make students proficient in the use of English language with good communication, the integrated skills of ‘listening’, ‘speaking’, ‘reading’, and ‘writing’ are given priority. The regular practices of these integrated skills are very important exercises to make students using English language efficiently and effectively in daily life. By using the new technical aspects (i Lotus) a well-equipped Language Lab is used to improve student’s Professional Soft-Skills and Communication Abilities to hold prime position in competitive world.

Lab In charge : Dr. Geeta Ajit

Lab Co ordinator : Dr. Sushil Dhuldhar, Dr. Pooja Kundu