Department of Instrumentation : Alumni Speak

“VESIT is one of the known names for Instrumentation engg in Mumbai. Every year, the institute produces some brilliant engineers who move up the ladder to become excellent professionals. This is possible because of the facilities provided by VESIT. Full time dedicated and well qualified faculty members helped the students grasp the nitty gritties of the subject. Moreover, the state of the art process lab provided the students with a glimpse of process plants. This further enhanced their instrumentation knowledge which they could apply in their professional life. Furthermore, it’s affiliation with the ISA and the activities that the student charter conducts for its members helps the students become industry ready” – Ms. Pratiksha Bhanti Batch-2009 pass out


“Vigilant Education System with Innovative Teaching is what VESIT stands for. Every VESITian can vouch for it. The discipline and the values imbibed in us during those carefree days at VESIT are the ones that stay with us throughout our lives” – Mr. Dhiraj Patil Senior Customer Success Engr. Altizon Systems Pvt. Ltd. Batch-2009 pass out.


“My first job after BE was as a management trainee. My college days were spent in being a part of organizing team of Praxis, Ustav and Sphurti. This experience helped me to settle down into my job better. I didn’t have to do much with the technical aspect of instrumentation. But knowing and having seen the field instruments in our lab in VESIT did have an advantage. From a recruiter’s perspective, VESIT students have more access to field instrumentation than interns from any other college. I can say definitely VESITians are a class apart. Thank you VESIT for grooming many of us with its excellent facilities and proficient teachers” – Mr. Prashant Mahajan Deputy Manager SI Group India Pvt. Ltd Batch-2009 pass out.


“Being a 2007 pass out, things have changed drastically, from the old building to the new state of art lab setups to the new class structures. I have been in touch with the Instrumentation department since my graduation. I had the opportunity to be part of the various SEL initiatives. The enthusiasm shown by the faculty and students was definitely worth appreciating. I can’t close without commenting on ISA. The growth shown by ISA is phenomenal. The activities undertaken have been more and more industry and student relevant. ISA paves the way for the students to get connected to the industry and be more industry ready” – Mr. Hardik Sanghavi Founder of Iolytics Batch-2007 Pass out.


“The course work provides a disciplined approach that can be applied across a broad industry spectrum. VESIT Process laboratory was as per Industry standards which gave us firsthand experience and enough confidence to bridge the gap between student and professional life. All my batch mates are doing well in their respective jobs which reflect the quality of the students the institute has produced”- Mr. Vikram Gupta Assistant Manager-BPCL Batch-2008 pass out.