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Dr.P.P. Vaidya


Field of Instrumentation is a rapidly expanding its boundaries because of demanding applications. These include applications in field of process instrumentation, nuclear instrumentation, bio-medocal instrumentation and fiber optic instrumentation to mention a few. . The scope of instrumentation has been further advanced by recent developments in filed of MEMS and nanotechnology. This has led to use of advanced technology for instrumentation .Use of smart transducers and embedded systems has become commonplace. Many designs make use of intelligent and autonomous systems for control applications. Low power compact design for portable instrumentation using semiconductors is becoming popular.


It is a challenging job to educate and produce instrumentation engineer who will be capable and confident of developing and handling such advanced instruments. Instrumentation dept of VESIT is accomplishing job of creating such instrumentation engineers who will meet requirements at national as well as international level. In addition to graduate course leading to degree of B.E.(Instrumentation)from Mumbai University, the department also conducts P.G. course for M.E.(Instrumentation & Controls).The department has well qualified, experienced & highly dedicated staff and advanced labs including process instrumentation lab ,control system lab, Analytical & transducer lab ,DSP lab ad Biomedical Lab.The department has recently set up a well equipped automation lab. in collaboration with AIA. The department also has close interaction with R&D centers and industries for practical applications.

Prof. Dr. P. P. Vaidya

HOD, Instrumentation Engineering