Lab Facilities



Process Automation Laboratory is Equipped with Latest Technology Control systems including PLC’S with simulators along with SCADA software & DELTA V Distributed Control system from well-known industry brands like Allen Bradley & Emersion Process Management. This Laboratory facilitate students to learn Basic PLC Programming, PLC Panels and simulators, DCS Features , DCS based Control systems etc.



VESIT Instrumentation - Process Instrumentation Lab

Process Instrumentation Laboratory is a state of the Art Experimental Facility made up of 14 pilot plant set ups. This was designed & developed, which enable students to identify the instruments & Control systems as well as to provide demonstration of working instruments to the students. This laboratory is utilised to study and understand various types of Processes and Role of Instrumentation involved in the same.


It also creates an Industrial Environment for the students to grow them with the Instrumentation utilization. students can perform various supporting Instrumentation activities Like Calibration, Tuning, mounting, Trouble shooting, Loop Testing, checking which provide them Hands on Exposure to make them comfortable and answerable for their campus preparation. Laboratory consists of various Field Instruments Like SMART Transmitters, Flow meters & Control Valves along with accessories. It is also equipped with Single Loop PID Controllers & Variable Frequency Drives.


VESIT Instrumentation - Transducers & Sensors Lab
This is one of the Fundamental Labs which facilitate students to learn various sensors & Transducers used in Process & Factory Environment. Students can learn Testing & performance characteristics using Calibrators. It also Provide Hydraulic set up that allows studying Flow Measurement Experiments, Level Monitoring set up using various Instruments Like Rota meter, Orifice / venture meters & ultrasonic Level Transmitter. Lab also has Dead weight Testers & Master Pressure Gauge to provide Testing of Pressure Gauges.






This Laboratory has been established to familiarize the students with capturing, analyzing and processing different bio signals. Biopac is an integrated instrument which the students use for such experiments. Physiology Lab kits and digital temperature feed back system are also used for training the students in the area of Biomedical Instrumentation.



The lab is equipped with Pentium-IV (IBM) and HCL computers with latest software such as Proteus VSM, Turbo Assembler 6.1, Macro Assembler, Embedded C for AVR. All the electronic testing equipments are available, Digital Trainer Kits and Demonstration kits (RAM & ROM), Universal Programmer, Cards for ISA, PCI and different connectors are kept for better understanding of computer architecture.




Laboratory courses on Analog 7 Digital Electronics are conducted in this lab. The Lab is adequately equipped with Test equipments for Electronic Devices & circuits, Various demonstration kits & measuring instruments are available in this lab.