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E-Yantra Ideas Competition (eYIC-2018)

Project Title : Eclassroom



Won Award under Most Realistic Category at IIT Bombay in e-Yantra National Finals 2018 held during 22nd – 24th March 2018


Student Team : Nikhil Watwani , Shivani Valecha , Vijay Kataria , Priyanka Wadhwani

Mentored by : Mrs. Sharmila Sengupta


Abstract_e classroom


Advancement in technology has not only led to exchange of information between machines and objects but also reduced human intervention. With this, everything is being made smart. A classroom with the functionality to track attendance using an application, change the slides of a presentation using vocal instructions, emailing important notes with voice access commands and managing power of the lecture hall automatically can be termed as an e-classroom. Conventional methods of knowledge sharing (or session delivery) and use of technology are not mutually exclusive but they complement each other. The classroom will incorporate new innovative aids for teaching which are possible only in an electronic environment. The e-classroom project aims at flexible, interactive conduction of oral sessions, e-records of list of sessions conducted even by visually impaired instructors and attendees, operating presentation slides using speech in other languages, maintenance of e-notes and power management all incorporated in a low cost, simple model and can be extended to any sessions like conference, seminar etc.