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Mr. Chetan Shah


Life in Computer Engineering was very exciting as we were witnessing massive technology revolution. Early 1990s was the time when internet started popping up in Indian homes by few early providers like MTNL & VSNL. Also the time when pagers were picking up which are almost obsolete now a days. During our time, other colleges in Mumbai were having poor labs and infrastructure and we used to feel lucky ones being in VESIT. VESIT had great computer, electronics, instrumentation, chemical, workshop labs & library. VESIT also had a huge campus with gym, canteen and soccer ground which very few colleges in Mumbai had during that era. Our college was well known for its reputed professors, cleanliness, discipline & participation at various forums & sports.


Don’t stop learning after you graduate. Adopt professionalism quickly in your first job and come out from college culture ASAP. Figure out where you can add value at work and what all things you need to learn to be more effective and productive at work place. Take initiatives and work on that. Adopt practice of delivering more than what you get paid for. Spend some time in building network of people too. Keep open mindedness but same time stay away from herd mentality. Lastly remember, God has plan for every one’s life including you. He will put you where you will be needed most.