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Mr. Mandar Gupte

Mandar Gupte

College life in VESIT was more fun than studies. We must be a unique batch which probably enjoyed our days in VESIT more than any other engineering students. We were first batch of BE in VESIT (1984 – 1988) and second batch of Computer Engineering in Bombay University. We had a challenge of getting any past university papers for references. At times we had to copy down the syllabus from the University and bring it to show to our professors so that they could prepare themselves and then teach us. We studied through all the difficulties, but enjoyed our 4 years there. We actually saw the institute being built in front our eyes over those 4 years in the old premises in Sindhi society. The labs, workshop, classrooms etc. we saw them all taking shape in front of us as we progressed from first year to the final year. The sheer discipline that our Director had brought about in the institute and her personal hard work under those circumstances earned a good name for the institute. Subsequently the 2 years of MMS course were relatively easier and more of self learning through projects and assignments. But during those days, the assignments and projects were done by personally visiting various companies, research libraries of ICICI, IMC, CMIE etc. Internet was not there at that time.


My simple message to the students is don’t limit your knowledge to your curriculum. If you want to be ready to face the real world outside the college at the end of 4th year, start preparing yourself from 2nd year itself. Interact with various people among your relatives, your parents’ friends / colleagues, attend seminars and interact with experts to increase your awareness about what is going on in your field. Understand the gap between what you are learning and what more needs to be learnt to be prepared for either your working career or for higher education.