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Mr. Sanjiv Vishwanathan



My college life had an interesting mix of academics and extra-curriculars that I would devote time towards and prioritize at different times of the year. The start of the initial academic years was dominated with reflecting upon the previous year and planning for the next one that would include independent research and interactions with faculty, classmates and seniors as well. However, the last year also included the very important decision to be made around what I really wanted to do in my career since the year I was graduating in wasn’t particularly great from a placements season record and also due to the rapidly changing scenario of the industry and demand for skilled professionals beyond engineering degrees. In addition, I would always stay abreast of activities and events being organized by the college and university around topics that were of interest and relevance to me, enroll myself and participate in technical events being organized by various groups and associations that would provide a good perspective on industry trends and allow real time application of concepts learnt inside the classroom. Lastly, I would also want to mention that I was a regular participant in inter and intra college cultural festivals and annual day events, which used to be a good way to showcase my talent in music and pursue my interests outside academics.


Stay informed and aware of what is current and will be in demand in the global marketplace, make best use of the time and resources available to you over the years of your academic life, explore diverse opportunities beyond regular academics and build a strong association with the institute and the alumni network. To summarize, remain positive and focused towards your professional and personal goals staying alert to the bigger picture of the organizations, industries and societies that you eventually choose to be a part of!!!