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Mrs. Apoorva Vakil


Life at VESIT (EXTC 2006 – 2010) has been an unforgettable experience. The time spent in classes and labs, the teachers, the canteen, friends, and meeting my future spouse Dhairya for the first time right there on campus! Traveling in the Thane local train every morning, and using the lame but successful excuse ‘trains are late’ on being late for the 1st lecture! I was extensively involved in the Sphurti sports (Table Tennis and Cricket) and played at some inter-university TT tournaments as a part of the VESIT team. The Cultural Festival Utsav was memorable, especially the day we won the coveted group dance trophy in our final year! I still think about the dreaded Semester exam time and the excitement at the tiny notice board in the quadrangle during results.


Make the best of your college days! You will definitely miss these days later in life so make friends, try new things, study hard, try to find your calling, and remember that exam results are just a means to something much bigger in life!