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Ms. Khanjari Kumbhar


Walking down the memory lane, thinking about college days gives a nostalgic feeling specially because I have spent six years in VESIT campus having done my diploma course also from Vivekanand (VESP). College life was quite exciting studies, friends, lectures, bonding, the entire atmosphere is unforgettable. Instrumentation Class was known to be one of the best groups of our batch. Our teachers knew most of us by our names. Our class participated in all the possible extracurricular activities whether it was Spurti or Utsav. On the Academic front, performance of our class was quite good. Every single moment spent in that college is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. And, the fact that I found some great friends for life during my college days ( Diploma and degree), is something I am grateful for and value.


Today’s engineer works is changing at an enormous rate. Many of these changes are unsettling and will surely change our profession in a profound way. For example, computers and other forms of automation and software’s are replacing much of the effort we engineers have supplied in the past, commoditizing our business and leaving us wondering what our future roles will be. At the same time, “YOU” the new generation of engineers who have the vision and ambition to play a much more impactful role in making the world a better place. As new generation of engineers you must be able to accept problems of uncertainty and, most importantly, help others, understand uncertainty and make good decisions in the face of it. Balancing risk and reward among project team members is an important strategy for providing value through innovation. There is no gain without pain.