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Ms. Prabha Verma


College days were perhaps the best years of our Academics. In school days there was always this competition of doing better than others, getting a rank, but in college the only aim was to pass! Not to get ATKT! But our college was strict and we were groomed under the strict discipline of Saxena Ma’am and it has paid off in our later life. I enjoyed wining at college athletics and was the captain of Basketball team.


Keep the enthusiasm bubbling in your heart and never get pulled down by setbacks. Take learning from the mistakes committed and move ahead in life. God has given you so much that you are studying in such a prestigious Engineering college. Sometimes stop and take a look at other people in society who are not so privileged and give them a helping hand. See how you can do more and more for the people around you, for the nature around you and if everyone does that the world will automatically become a better place to live in!