OHM JYOTI SCHOLARSHIPS for Academic Year 2017-18:

Empower through Education” is the vision behind starting OHMJYOTI, a charitable educational trust. This organization is a part of the OHM Group started by Mr. Amal.N. Parikh with investment activities in the financial markets.


The foray into education is not something new since the group runs the highly acclaimed Edubridge International School in Mumbai. However the purpose behind this venture is to provide financial assistance to students who are academically strong but are limited in their move forward to pursue higher education due to the limited financial means.


The target group is essentially students appearing for class 12 exams and appearing for various graduate/ vocational courses in colleges within India. The focus would be on excellence in their grades and past academic track record.


Once all eligibility criteria are satisfied, the college/institution would be the direct recipient of the tuition fees. Also look at graduate/post graduate students. 


It is our dream to help make better the lives of deserving students waiting on the threshold to take their academic dreams forward and not forced to be held back due to financial constraints. As a premier educational institute like yourself involved in the field of providing quality education to all  


There is no time limit for the applications.


Our website is www.ohmjyoti.org