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1st ever WORLD STUDENTS’ DAY celebrated by VES in a unique way – VES SHRESHTHTA AWARDS conducted on 15th October 2015


To celebrate Dr Abdul Kalam’s birthday, we felicitated 9 students from the various VES institutes.


Usually, in educational institutes, the spotlight is on either academic achievers on or on those who are perform extra-curriculars with their studies. But there are a few students whose life is far tougher, who battle adversities and yet manage to not just excel in studies but find the time and emotional energy to give back to society. The most admirable aspect is that these young people do not allow life to turn them bitter.


Hence, Vivekanand Education Society (VES) and VESLARC (VES Leadership Academy and Research Centre) celebrated World Students’ Day (October 15, Dr Abdul Kalam’s birthday) by felicitating 9 such students from the various VES colleges, who have displayed grit, leadership and values, while also working towards academic and extra-curricular excellence.


These students have been handpicked from the VES group of institutes comprising 28 institutes and approximately 18,000 students.


One student works with an NGO while also holding a part-time job after college hours; another runs his own NGO and also works at two part-time jobs, after college hours. One student, in spite of being wheel-chair bound, has volunteered time for the hearing challenged and is interested in singing and theatre. Similarly, the other students also are unique in terms of their strengths.


Dr Sunil Keswani,  eminent burns expert and surgeon, spoke at length on excellence, daily inspiration, on working diligently towards success and on facing challenges with a positive spirit.


The students took a pledge to use their skills, values and leadership qualities to be change-agents in society.