• Swayam- (workshop for students & staff)
  • Disha-(workshop for Parents)
  • Counselling
  • Jigyaasa- (procative talks by counselors)
  • Antarmukhita – (mindstilling sessions)
  • Antarshuddhi – E-zine
  • Special Events
  • Sahveeryam- (Partnering with NGO’s)


SWAYAM– VESLARC conducts customized workshops for students, teachersand support staff, on two kinds of themes – world-managementskills and self-management values. With durations ranging from 1 hourto one day, these are on topics like confident public speaking, timemanagement, developing stress insulation, goal planning, healthyself-esteem, ethics and values in daily life, professionalism, theart of presenting oneself in group discussions and interviews,grooming and etiquette for the corporate world, and so on.


DISHA– A parent is perhaps the most important stakeholder, in theprocess of empowering the student to productivity and goodcitizenship. VESLARC conducts talks and short workshops for parentsof students in the VES family, on themes such as tackling growingconsumerism, spirituality in parenting, acceptance of the uniquenessof the child and so on.


COUNSELLING-VESLARC has 2 counsellors. One for Sindhi Society Campus and thesecond one for HAMC Campus. The counselors visit the campuses twicein a week on different days. Counselling is done on priorappointments. The session between the Counsellor and Counsellee isprivate and confidential. The case files are maintained for eachcounsellee.


JIGYAASA– How do we help the student approach the counsellor for amental-emotional challenge? And how do we help the studentproactively avoid such challenges, by empowering him or her withtools for self-esteem, dynamism, mind-management and growth? Theshort, 20 minute “Jigyaasa” series are designed toaddress both these issues. 


ANTARMUKHITA– Amidst busy lives, we all feel the need for inner calm.Antarmukhita sessions are designed to share mind-stilling techniques.Each 1-hour segment focuses on one wellness theme such as positivity,forgiveness, acceptance, teamwork and so on, followed by avisualization-affirmation session. Hand “mudras”, easystretching practices, “pranayama” and certain yogasanasare also sometimes included. 


ANTARSHUDDHI– The name for VESLARC’s e-zine means “InternalCleansing”. Each edition seeks to offer some “food forthe mind”, in the form of a theme (such as, who is a trueteacher), some words of wisdom from Swami Vivekananda, and a “howto” segment, with tips on converting the theoretical conceptsinto practice.


Some of the e-zine themes havebeen: being non- judgmental, the need for practice,interconnectedness and giving back, the dharma of growth, and the joyof parenting.


SPECIAL EVENTS-Milestones deserve to be celebrated and honoured. VESLARC enjoysbringing the VES family together on the occasion of special days likeGuru Purnima, International Womens’ Day, VESLARC’sBirthday and “Sameshti”, a VESLARC event in which variousactivities are conducted for students and staff of VES.


SAHVEERYAM– “I may falter or stumble but when you lend me yourhand, I rise, thrive and grow.” It is this sentiment thatVESLARC honours, by partnering with local NGO’s who are doinglaudable work, but are challenged by low publicity and low sale ofthe products that they make. VESLARC provides them a helping hand tosell their products in the VES premises, on commemorative dates andbefore important festivals. We have partnered with NASEOH (NationalSociety for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped) and RochiramThadani School of Hearing Handicapped.