• Bhakti Gorava
    As a parent, I am very satisfied and happy to choose this school for my son because his father has also been a student of this school. As parents we have observed that our child is also very happy to be a part of this institution. He has grown to become well groomed and self-disciplined in person. We are very thankful to DBC.

  • Manisha Kharmate
    I recently shifted to Mumbai from Nagpur. After admitting my child here at DBC I am very sure that as parent I have taken a good decision. Also I was nervous about my son getting mixed up in this new atmosphere, but in very few days, with the help and guidance of these wonderful teachers, I have observed my child. He is very happy and loves going to school. He has also inculcated several good values with the help of teachers.

  • Swati Jaiswal
    It is a great feeling to see your child progress, and after seeing my child I feel really good. She is learning good communication skills and also her teachers have helped her in understanding and learning English language.