The core of the Vivekanand Play School & Nursery is the unique, well-researched, Integrated and age-appropriate curriculum. The integrated program focuses on all aspects of a child’s development like language skills, gross and fine motor skills, thinking skills, social and emotional skills and moral skills. Our philosophy of ‘LEARNING BY DOING’ keeps in mind the child’s need to TOUCH, EXPLORE, LEARN and ENJOY. The emphasis at Vivekanand Play School & Nursery is to offer developmentally appropriate activities that encourage self- paced learning for every child. The Curriculum provides opportunities for the development of the child under the care of trained staff, who are sensitive to child’s need and their development milestones.

Unique Teaching Pattern

We emphasize on interactive learning pattern by enticing toys and games, engaging stories and teaching aids. Our well trained staff allows kids to explore and learn. Costume based where a teachers dresses up as a Joker / Dhobi or Santa Clause. Engaging the five senses to learn about the world increase the understanding and communication of the children.

Syllabus Pattern

Your child will learn basic concepts like colours, alphabets, numbers and the world around them, along with social etiquettes. at Vivekanand Play School & Nursery, our aim is to introduce the young kids to the joy of learning which will help them build confidence in their abilities as they grow older. We encourage free play time for, the children in which they are given activities that help to develop their fine and gross-motor skills, like paper- tearing, paper crumpling, doodling with crayons, walking on a straight line, beading etc.


At Vivekanand Play School & Nursery we will hold bimonthly parent teacher meets to discuss the progress of every child. Month-end letters keep the parent informed about the curriculum being imparted at the pre-school. Our feedback to parents is based on an on going observation method by the specially trained teachers. Keeping up with technology we have formed whatsapp group with PTA members so that the parents can communicate easily.