About Us

The college is attached to High school & it’s affiliated to state Board. It provides education in Arts, Science & Commerce. The college also offers Bifocal courses like Electronics & Computer Science. The college has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers,
Electronics & IT Laboratories and has good sports facilities. It is considered as one of the best Jr. Colleges of Mumbai due to its High academic standards and discipline. The college has churned out 100’s of meritorious students and they are well placed all over the world.


Collaborative, inclusive Effective school self-evaluation involves principals, deputy principals, teachers and boards working together in a climate of trust and respect, in consultation with parents and pupils, to bring about school improvement. Leadership Effective school self-evaluation requires effective leadership.

Reflective Effective school self-evaluation involves schools thinking critically about the aims and key priorities of the school and what needs to be done to bring about improvements in their pupils’ learning.

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